June 21, 2019

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  • This morning was Campbell's official half birthday, and she didn't let us forget it. This morning she was asking me when exactly she was born. I quickly explained that it would be her half birthday about the time that it was bedtime since my doctor had me wait to have her since he was at a Christmas party. 
  • Robby took the VBS-ers to their last day. They so enjoyed it-every single day they seemed to have fun. I am certainly glad about that...and I am certainly glad that Immanuel has VBS for 5 days and not Geyer. Just getting them there and picking them up every day was certainly enough for me....
  • Though when I opened up a notebook of Campbell's today, it was all worth it. She had written that it was her prayer journal. Then she went on to write out a prayer. My girl was listening this week.
  • While they were gone, we were in high gear here. Remember I said last week that on days before trips, I always get in my steps plus a few thousand more. I worked with Whitman-we are still slowly reading Wizard of Oz.
  • Then there was a bit of math work with Anderson. I also helped Anderson and Graham pack and wrote out exactly what Reagan needed to put in her bag. 
  • We then headed to pick up Laynie and Camryn on one side of town. Then we picked up Campbell and Keaton on the other side of town. Then it was to Little Ceasars and then the pool.
  • The kids gobbled up the pizza at the pool. I am not sure how many pieces everyone got, but they were all asking for more the second hour of swimming and was almost a fist fight over one last piece.
  • They all had fun swimming, and we stayed for about 2 and a half hours. My people just need people there to swim with. This was the first time that Reagan spent most of the time in the pool, and so did Anderson and Graham. I worked with Whitman on his swimming, and he did really well. 
  • We took the McGuire girls home and then ran home ourselves. I made the kids pick up 5 loads of branches before coming in. They didn't stay in long because soon they were back outside. Whitman did fall asleep on the way home so he lucked out of having to do some yard work. Of course, us all picking up 5 handfuls of branches didn't make a dent in the yard.
  • Then Campbell and Keaton worked on their packing. I had finished that when Robby came home with supper to start working on and some school stuff for me to put away. He went out to begin working on the tree.
  • One neighbor brought over his chainsaw. He would have stayed to help but had to leave. Robby was making his way through the tree, but the part that fell was about a foot thick. Then the other neighbor came with is massive chainsaw. He knew what he was doing and knocked it out. Tony and Shannon pulled up about that time, and after supper Tony helped Robby out some more. It takes a village. We still have quite a bit of limb hauling or burning but there will be time for that later.
  • We ate our supper, and then the kids went out with Layne to pick up a free milkshake. Then we had a long overdue Dennie vs Wilson kickball game. Well, there are so many Dennies, that a few of us had to infiltrate the Wilson's team to make the teams even. The score was close and everyone stayed in a good mood.
  • We celebrated the successful game with a huge ice cream cookie. Yep, I still have one more left. Best summer dessert and I love to have stuff ready to go in the freezer. We visited way too late but enjoyed every minute of it. 
  • When the Wilsons headed home, we all got to work-there were kids working on the garage, emptying the dishwasher, straightening the bonus room, folding laundry, showering and vacumming. We got it done!
  • After we tucked the kids in, I loaded the car some, folded laundry, packed my bag and worked on the kitchen, before working on the blog! Busy days are our favorites but unfortunately, I was too busy to get many pictures at all. I have to get better about that!

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