June 16, 2019-Little Rock and OmaHOG Fans

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Little Rock:
  • It wasn't too difficult waking up Keaton, Campbell and Zoey this morning. My people always seem to stir a bit better when they have buddies sleeping over. Soon they were dressed and downstairs eating the muffins that they made last night.
  • Reagan came in the door a second after their little girls had left to walk Zoey back to her house. I was able to empty the dishwasher before we loaded up to head to church. Church did Father's day very well this year. Sunday school was over before we knew it, and we headed to Pops' house for lunch.
  • They had ham and mac and cheese for lunch today which was very good. It was actually so good that most of my girls had some of the leftovers tonight for supper. We gave Pops some popcorn for his Father's Day present-lots of odd flavors which we knew he would like (barbeque, banana and pickle.)
  • After eating, I worked on a project using Nonna's iron. It didn't work too great, but it did work better than with my iron. My iron is probably still mad at me for selling the ironing board at a garage sale years and years ago. I was just trying simplify my life.
  • Back at home, I had the most wonderful nap ever. Maybe I can't nap as well when the boys are here. You wouldn't think that they would be too noisy. When I finally did wake up from my nap, I did a bit of home repairs-Campbell has a drawer that the front comes off. I fixed it yesterday, but today after it broke again, I really fixed it this time. If it does come off again, I am throwing the whole thing in the trash. 
  • Then the girls had supper while I read a bit to them. Then we all played a game of Uno. I won fairly quickly but it took forever for someone else to win. Reagan was done at that point and left Campbell, Keaton and I to play Sequence alone. I just can't play that game without thinking of Debbie Dillon. 
  • The girls had a bit of downtime before it was finally time for bed. I have been letting them stay up fairly late the past few days. I will say that I can see that summer will soon be over, and we will have to get used to the early bedtime that doing school needs. I can't say that I will be sad when summer is over-this summer stuff can wear a person out. I can't wait for the consistency of school. (Now, I will just have to remind myself of this when school time does come.)
  • After they went to bed, I worked on the blog and my laundry-never ending!
  • With several early mornings lately, I thought it would be good to sleep in and since it was Father's Day...sounded good. Of course mornings I don't need to get up, I seem to wake up anyway.  But the boys were sleeping good. I knew breakfast ended at nine so I decided to make my way to breakfast and load a few plates up with some choices.  By the time I got to the room, all 3 boys were on their iPad and had a slew of Father's Day cards ready for me to open. They had even thought to bring the girl's cards too. (Or maybe Mom helped!)
  • With a free day, we decided to head to the Omaha Zoo. We had heard rave reviews about the zoo and by the looks of the parking lot before 10:00, others had too.  We ended up parking right beside Infield at the Zoo. In the middle of the zoo parking lot sits a memorial to the home of the College World Series since 1950 before being demolished in the summer of 2012. They have some of the original seats, home plate and the base lines.  Today was neat because some older players from former series were out pitching wiffle balls to various kids. They were so encouraging and it was a neat atmosphere. The boys, of course, enjoyed hitting the ball, running the balls and even shagging out in the infield. They could have stayed longer but we decided to head into the zoo.
  • It was definitely an impressive zoo. I would say among the San Diego Zoo or Memphis Zoo.  The first thing that caught the boys eyes before we even made it in was the Desert Dome, the world's largest indoor desert located under the world's largest glazed geodesic dome. It featured plant and animal life from three deserts around the world.  We then visited the orangutans, the birds in the aviary, before we stopped for our water bottles and a snack from the backpack.  Then it was thru the Asian Highlands for red pandas and tigers. Then we checked out the sea lions and then antelopes and tortoises before the Skyfari caught our eye. It came at about the right time because we had done a lot of walking and this was going to save us a big walk uphill. But the ride was perfect because we had a bird's eye view of lions, elephants, zebras, rhinos and giraffes.  We hopped off the ride and then walked thru the aquarium and it too was expressive with a walk thru stingray and shark exhibit along with all kids of sea life.
  • By this time we were getting hungry but the Infield at the Zoo caught the boys attention again so they couldn't resist hitting a few more balls.  Then we decided to drive to our next stop and eat our lunch.  Since we didn't do laundry last night and we had a bit of time this afternoon, we headed back to the area where our hotel was because we had spotted a laundromat. Thought it would give a quick way to do a load as we killed some time.  I started the wash and then came back to the car and fixed sandwiches for everyone. After eating, we all came inside since there was Wifi and waited for the dryer to finish. (It may have been the boys first trip to a laundromat. Good experience for them!
  • We were right across the river from TD Ameritrade Stadium and the boys were wanting to go back to Fan Fest, companies like Geico, Coca-Cola, Capital One have all kinds of activities set up with freebies and snacks.  We managed to snag free parking 2 blocks away - couldn't have been much better even if it meant parallel parking the big white van. The Fan Fest was a lot less crowded than last night when we  got there so the boys were able to do the home run derby, show off their pitching arms and even have a try at lacrosse. There were plenty of Coca-Cola samples and cards to be punched for free water bottle, cooling towel and clear mini-backpack. The Vanderbilt / Louisville game ended while were there and Mississippi State and Auburn fans were making their way into the area so it began to get crowded again. We finished up and made our way back to the car.
  • We opted for a hotel back in Lincoln tonight. It was about 45 minutes away but a lot nice hotel tonight with lots of room and a bed for everyone. We picked up pizza on the way to the hotel and fixed our plates before the Miss State / Auburn game started. We took a break for the boys to take a quick swim. Then it was one more load of laundry since we had wet bathing suits. But it's just nice have suitcases of clean clothes vs. dirty clothes. (Or Tara has made me obsessive about laundry!)
  • This may be our earliest night. Boys playing iPads and were keeping an eye on this ballgame. Breakfast ends here at 9:00 as well so we'll have to stir but won't have to rush to get back to Omaha to hopefully at least get 1 victory for the Hogs before we make our way back to Little Rock.

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