June 18, 2019

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  • The boys rolled in at 2:30 this morning. I slept off and on until they arrived. When they did pull up, each boy was sprawled out in their own row. Graham stirred when Robby stopped the car. Anderson had to be woke up to go upstairs. Whitman was sound asleep, and Robby had to carry him up to his room.
  • Even though the boys had gotten in late, they did head to their basketball camp this morning. They were hard to wake up-and a bit on the grumpy side as well. Campbell and Keaton had VBS so they left just as early as the boys.
  • Now, this morning when Whitman did wake up, he couldn't understand why we didn't put his pajamas on him. Pajamas or clothes-he still slept very well and didn't wake up until almost 9.
  • I dropped off Anderson and Graham at their camp, and then dropped off the girls. I rushed home for a little bit to work on unpacking the boys and packing up the girls. 
  • I was fairly productive but did take a break to read to Whitman. He had made a fort upstairs so we read in it. Afterwards, I had to wake Reagan up to tell her that in a bit they would meet me at the pool. 
  • I picked up the basketball campers and then picked up the VBSers. They all were a bit tired-that was easy to tell because they were all a bit fussy. Everyone did calm a bit when Robby arrived at the pool with pizza.
  • We all ate and everyone but Anderson swam. Reagan usually isn't big on swimming, but when Whitman asked her to help him swim, she was in the water in a heartbeat. When Robby left after an hour, 3 kiddos went with him but the little 3 stayed with me to swim longer.
  • We weren't at home very long before it was time to turn around a leave again. Tonight was Campbell, Graham and Keaton's first swim meet. They all did super-it is probably pretty hard racing with a ton of people watching you. Keaton received a 2nd place ribbon for her back stroke, Campbell earned a 3rd place for her back stroke and Graham got a 2nd place for his backstroke. 
  • It did help that 2 of our swim team families were out of town. I think that my people won't always get a ribbon, but they were super pumped today. It is kind of like a soccer game, now that they have won something then we will be good not winning anything else. 
  • Afterwards, we celebrated with Sonic drinks before supper at home. The kids did some trampoline jumping before they finally made it inside the house for their supper. Next up was showers and a way too late bedtime for a sleepy crew!

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