June 22, 2019-Dennie Family Trip 2019

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After going to bed around 1:30 last night, Robby and I both woke up around 2:30 to go to the bathroom. That was really a pretty wonderful time to wake up-we felt rested and still had a few more hours to sleep.

Our alarms started ringing at 6:30, but after doing quite a bit of chain sawing yesterday, Robby was moving a bit slow. He asked for me to walk on his back, but since I didn't want to hurt him even worse, I just stepped over him to grab the laundry. 

There was laundry and dishes and last minute packing and trying and trying to wake up the kids. We changed plans midstream and instead of us all leaving from swim practice, the swimmers and I just ran home for them to shower and to pick up everyone else.

While we were gone, Robby did dress Whitman who I had moved to my bed. Whitman was still sound asleep, so I did stir him enough to give him some breakfast. Robby was starting to be concerned that maybe the boy was getting sick since he was sleeping so much. He spent most of the drive this morning singing and talking so I am pretty sure that he is just fine.

Swim practice went well today. Both of the coaches today were really good-I know that the kids are learning so much, and it is all such good exercise. I even feel like I get a work out just watching them.

When we made it back home, things went into high gear and soon we were loaded up and in the car. Our first stop was to pick up Grannymom and Gramdpa. Then there was gas and lots of cleaning of the windshield. 

Then we were on the road to Eureka Springs. Our first stop was at the park in Clinton. We needed a bathroom stop as well as a lunch stop. The kids had a few minutes to play before and after we ate our lunch. Reagan, Anderson and Graham are funny-they think they are too big to play but still want to play. They spent most of their time on the little carousel.

After we ate, we all used the restroom and were back on the road. It had been a fairly quiet ride since the kids were engrossed in their ipads. We did stop once at a rest stop. The building looked like a lodge, and Whitman said, "Well, what National Park is this?" I explained that it was just a bathroom stop, but after we had looked at all of the brochures, he was quick to ask, "I thought you said that this was just a bathroom stop?"

We did stop at Sonic soon after the rest stop. We needed to try their ice cream sandwiches. By consensus, the chocolate chip cookie ones were much better than the oreo ones. They did hit the spot and everyone was pleased with their little snack. 

Soon we were driving into Eureka Springs. This was my fist visit there, and it definitely was a different place. It is pretty and was surely something to see. We met up with Les and his crew and walked around the downtown area. There were lots of shops and stores to browse in. 

We did make a very long but nice haul to 2 of the springs from which the town received it's name. Well, I don't really know that last fact but just made it up. I think that it is accurate though. Our next stop was the Crescent Hotel. They were having a wedding there so we really couldn't wander around too much since many areas were blocked off. It was a very quaint old hotel-apparently the most haunted hotel in America. We will have to read up on that little interesting tidbit. I actually have a podcast but the road to our hotel tonight was a bit too curvy for me to ask Robby to find and play my podcast.

After the hotel, we met up with Dana and her crew. We ate Bubba's BBQ which is where Robby grandpa used to love to eat in Eureka Springs. They were seating us 4 by 4, so after Zach, Anderson, Whitman and Cash went in, the lady came back out and said that she could seat one more with the boys. I am sure that she was hoping that an adult would sit with them. I took that opportunity, but they didn't need me and were perfectly well behaved.

Once my food did come, I did take my plate to Dana's table so Graham could join the boys for supper. His food had already come, and I do believe that he was wishing that he was sitting with the boys. We switched spots while I devoured my delicious bbq sandwich. 

It had started to rain while we were eating with quite a bit of thunder and lightening. When we did leave the restaurant it had cleared some, and we drove towards the Passion Play. Our first stop there was the huge Jesus statue. After a group picture by the statue, we headed up to a little church. The kids were more concerned with see saws behind the church house.

We then drove back to the main area of the Passion Play and walked through the gift shop while Robby and Grannymom picked up the tickets. By this time, we could tell that it would be a pretty chilly night so we were pulling out jackets and blankets and even a towel to wipe down the seats from the earlier rain. 

There was a little petting zoo that we walked around before heading in to the play. The place was massive and thankfully tonight there wasn't too many folks there. We ended up very near the front-Campbell was actually on the front row with the rest of us scattered on the few rows behind her.

At one point, the speaker asked for volunteers to help. Campbell and Graham's hands shot up and they were chosen. They helped pick up envelopes of donations. After they helped, they were able to get something from the concession stand-they both chose popcorn.

On the way back down or possible up, Graham fell down. Bless the boy. Last night he was fooling around on the treadmill and scraped most of the skin off of one of his knees. Now he also has a scraped knee all on the same leg. It didn't seem to phase him too much, and Grannymom had a bandaid for him. Possible that popcorn helped!

Soon though we realized that it might just be a wet passion play. Robby headed off to the car to gather our umbrellas (3) and ponchos (10ish). I have had those ponchos in the car for years now, so I had wondered if they would still even be good. We are incredibly lucky that I put them back in the car. Last night I was debating what room we had and moved them to the shelf. This morning, I second guessed myself and put the poncho box back in the car. Best decision of the day. 

Robby passed out umbrellas and ponchos and soon everyone was mostly covered.  It drizzled pretty good. Robby and I ended up under an umbrella with Whitman in my lap and a poncho on all of our legs. My left shoulder became pretty damp with the umbrella water falling on it, but we survived and soon it had stopped raining.

The Passion Play was excellent. Now, if the church choir could sing a few songs along with way, it would have been even better. The goats and the camel was probably my favorite part. Now, when the doves were released and flew around and around, Robby and I watched them, and not the show, for a good while. 

It was all really great, and Jesus' ascension was pretty cool. When the play was over, we hauled it back up to the top of the seats and headed to the car. The road to Rogers was pretty interesting-continuous curves and 2 one lane bridges. 

About the time we made it to straight roads, it started to rain again. We were soon in Rogers at the Embassy. We unloaded and quickly found our rooms. Keaton and Campbell are sleeping next door in Grannymom's room. I took myself a leisurely shower once everyone was settled. Afterwards, I was shocked to see that it was already 12:30 and my people were still up. I don't think tomorrow is a crazy busy day so we will have plenty of time to relax. 

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