June 5, 2019

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  • After the kids got into bed around midnight last night, I was not too sure how easy it would be for me to wake them up for 8:00 swim team practice. It wasn't pretty. Campbell and Keaton did wake up easier than Graham who moaned and groaned much more when I was in the room while he was getting ready.
  • They did their swim while Whitman was still at home snoozing. After practice, the plan was for Robby and Whitman to meet us at Sams. My crew did some Walmart shopping and then did our Sams shopping and then just wandered around Sams until they finally did show up. 
  • Apparently Robby was having a problem getting Whitman to wake up. At one point, he had him downstairs and thought he was putting on his clothes but nope he was soon back asleep. Whitman arrived at Sams wearing his pjs and eating his breakfast-staying out late is hard on a little guy.
  • We picked up our elusive trampoline-we ordered it weeks ago but only received one of two boxes. Finally, today things were all worked out and we were able to pick up the trampoline. Of course, it is going to be raining the next few days so we will have to wait on putting it together.
  • We all then headed back to the pool for an hour or two. It was chilly enough that I covered up with a towel to stay warm. Around noon, we loaded up-everyone went home with Robby while I headed towards church.
  • I first stopped at the library and then at the post office before making my way to the church house to pick up the campers. I was glad to see them-my Anderson did even give me a brief hug when he saw me. He then rushed up to help unload the trailer-the boy climbed in that hot trailer and worked hard! 
  • Even though Reagan usually has few words, she was pretty chatty on the way home. I was able to hear about most things that happened at camp. They talked the entire way home. Once we were home, I immediately started working on laundry-lots of smelly laundry! I rarely ever use the "stain wash" setting on my washer but today definitely called for a 2 hour and 20 minutes cycle.
  • I did a few chores and sat down to read with Whitman. After reading to him, I asked him to lay by me for a minute-well, the minute lasted a bit longer for me. Once my nap was finished, we loaded up and went back to the pool with the little 3. They were the only ones who really care about going-Reagan and Anderson are exhausted and Graham is still coughing. 
  • They swam for almost 2 more hours. While we were there, I did realize that I feel like I didn't accomplish anything today but I was at the pool for 5 hours so maybe tomorrow I can mark a few more things off of my list. 
  • We rushed home, so Robby and I could go eat supper with the Wilson's for their anniversary. It was yummy food, but while we were gone Campbell and Keaton were making a yummy pan of brownies for everyone here. My people plus Brett ate the entire 9x13 pan of brownies so I would have to assume that they were absolutely delicious. 
  • As I put everyone in bed, I had to play Dr. Mom-zyrtec for Anderson, cough drop for Graham, burn cream for Campbell, eczema cream for Keaton, and a band aid for Whitman. Seriously, medical school would have been handy or cooking school or really even laundry school-that would have probably been the most beneficial for me. Do they even had laundry school?

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