June 25, 2019-Dennie Family Trip 2019

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Oopsie, I left the camera in the car tonight so the only pictures up tonight are the ones from our phones.

We again slept wonderfully last night. I think that everyone was a bit sad to by leaving our big hotel today. We are downsizing tonight to a smaller, more modern hotel. Graham and Anderson had been to breakfast and were back by the time that we stirred this morning.

Whitman wanted to just stay and "eat what we packed." I tried to explain that we didn't pack any breakfast food, but he didn't care. We did finally convince him to come downstairs with us. I had my yogurt and granola this morning while Whitman ate a blueberry muffin. And don't be surprised that Robby had his biscuits and gravy-he has to get them from somewhere since he sure doesn't get biscuits and gravy at home.

Les and his crew headed out this morning while we still had another full day to play. After loading up the car, our first stop this morning was the Daisy BB Gun museum. It was a little bitty museum, but at the end of the museum they had refurbished BB guns (10-15 dollars for most). The boys could not wait for Robby to get to the end of the museum. As soon as he finished his tour, everyone was asking for a BB gun (everyone except for Reagan and Whitman.) Whitman didn't really care at all but the boys told him that if they got a new one, then he could have his old one.

We did end up purchasing 3 new BB guns-a pink one, one that uses an CO2 cartridge and a BB gun pistol. Anderson, Graham and Campbell were beyond excited with the purchases. We then went to 7th Street Market to walk around a little bit. We had to park in the grass and knew it wasn't the best choice when the big truck beside us got stuck in the mud.

The market was a neat little area and would be a happening place at night time. I would be interested to see it at nighttime sometime. It didn't take us long to walk around since there wasn't a lot going on, so we had a few extra minutes and decided to get some more ice cream at the Walton museum.

Then we went to Grannymom's sisters house. She had sandwiches for us and everyone enjoyed a visit there. We were there for a while, and once we left we drove by the hotel to see if our rooms were ready. All but our room was ready, but after unloading the car the room was ready.

The kids had their eye on the pool so they headed off with Dana while Grannymom, Grandpa, Robby, Whitman and I headed off on another adventure. We stopped first at the Little Debbie outlet closest to us, but there wasn't much of a sale.

So we decided to drive another 20 minutes to get to the outlet in Gentry. That was fine with me and with Whitman because he was delighted to help us fill up our buggy. Whitman did want to swim with the others but he did still enjoy our trip because of the cookie we had from the hotel, a sample at the first stop and lots of ipad time.

When we made it back to the hotel, all of my people had put their clothes on except for Campbell and Keaton. They certainly didn't mind going back to the pool with Whitman for a little bit. It was pretty pleasant at the pool since the building provided plenty of shade. I used that opportunity to work on my blog for a little bit.

After swimming we ran back upstairs to work on getting ready for supper. We all piled into the van and headed towards Fayetteville. First place to drive by was the apartments that Robby lived in while he was in school here. Then we drove around the campus for a bit.

We finally stopped Hammontree's Grilled Cheese. We didn't have to wait long for our tables tonight. The adults were at one table and the kids were right beside us. It worked out perfectly. I had a delicious sandwich with a grilled apple, lots of cheese and fig jam on it. I also found out that I like sweet potato fries. Dana ordered some and they were scrumptious.

The kids had plans of swimming again tonight, but the cool water from earlier and the crowds tonight made the kids (and mostly the adults) rethink their plan. That was fine though because we were able to put in a load of laundry. We all sat in the room watching the World Series game and eating a little snack before bed.

I was very careful tonight as I took out my contacts to put them by my bag and not near Robbys. This morning, Robby asked if I put on his contacts. I told him that I did not because my case is blue. He told me that his case was blue. I really didn't believe him until we were at breakfast, and I saw him trying to read his phone. I could see really well-very, very well-almost too well. When we did get back to the room, we quickly switched out contacts and all was well. Tomorrow though I will definitely remember that my case is white or is it blue?

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