June 6, 2019

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  • Another fun and busy summer day around here. We started with Keaton and a dentist appointment. She had 3 fillings and as always the dentist told me that she was the absolute best patient to work on. And as always, if you need a dentist I have a referral-just like always tonight, he called to check on how Keaton was doing. 
  • She didn't have any problem at the dentist, and she didn't have any problem sucking down the slushie I bought for her on the way home. When she came home, she quickly went to work on her school work and then packed for Nonna's house.
  • The morning really flew by-everyone else had their school work to work on. That included reading to Whitman for me. I also folded all of my laundry. Now there were at least 3 things that I don't think that I had ever seen before while I was folding the laundry. Seriously, it did turn out though that none of them were new-I had just forgotten them.
  • At noon, we loaded up to go to Third Realm with the buddies. Everyone enjoyed jumping today. The boys were so sweaty when we were finished. The place was kind of full but not too full so I think that everyone had lots of fun.
  • We left there and headed straight to Nonna and Pops' house. Keaton was excited to get to spend the night, and everyone else was excited to get a snack. As we were leaving Third Realm, Anderson begged me to stop and get frosties from Wendys. Now, we don't need to be stopping all the time to get food just because we want to and I knew that we would at least eat a cookie at Nonna's house. So I told him no-by the time we made it to Nonna's house, the kids had already decided that they were going to ask for ice cream instead of cookies today. They got their ice cream and everyone was happy.
  • Back at home, there was lot of playing with the empty trampoline box-where is the trampoline you ask? Still in the back of Robby's car. He just cut the box off of the trampoline and left it all in his car. When it is put together time, he plans on just driving to where we need to assemble it.
  • Campbell and Whitman did go outside to make a volcano with baking soda and vinegar. Of course, it was raining like crazy when they did this-so they got towels from the car to sit on and then propped umbrellas over them and went to town on their creations. They were outside a good bit and both had a blast. Surprisingly, that were not too wet when they finally did come in.
  • A bit of the afternoon was spent playing Apples to Apples-everyone played with me and Anderson, who suggested the game. Reagan didn't play the entire game but did stay for a bit. Whitman and I were on a team and did end up winning.
  • Then Graham, Campbell and Whitman watched some of the Greatest Showman in his bedroom. Robby said that they could watch it in the living room but they wanted to be in the beds all comfy. I think that was the first movie Graham has ever played on his xbox.
  • I headed out to Bunko while Campbell and Robby made some adjustments to our bike rack. Things had gotten a bit out of hand with our many bikes so hopefully this will help the garage craziness. 
  • While I was gone, Campbell helped Robby until he was finished with his project. Then they came in to work on supper. Afterwards, it was shower and bedtime for everyone. 

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