June 7, 2019

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  • Graham is always the first one up, but soon after he went down the stairs, I had to walk up them to get a sleeping Whitman. It was his turn to go and eat breakfast with Nonna and Pops. Keaton had spent the night over there, and she had helped decide that instead of going out, they would just eat breakfast at Nonna's house. This was fine with him since he really just wanted cheese and crackers and his ipad this morning.
  • Pops came to get him and since I let him have his ipad, he was perfectly content to leave. Apparently, Nonna made them some incredibly yummy chocolate chip pancakes. After breakfast, they decided to play with playdoh. Since Nonna didn't have any of that, they made some homemade playdoh to play with.
  • Meanwhile, back at the house not too much was happening. Reagan slept until noon so she missed all of the morning. Graham and Anderson did spend a lot of time playing some video game together in their bedroom. And lonely Campbell, she was missing Keaton and Whitman, spent her morning near me.
  • I worked on laundry along with cutting out probably 40 vines made out of plastic tablecloths. The vines are for VBS next week and hopefully will make our room look like it is part of the jungle. 
  • Campbell and I also made a 12 inch cookie. I am still a bit bummed that we didn't buy the large ice cream cookie on our trip. Now, since that cookie was 100 bucks, I know that I can make one cheaper. So today, Campbell and I did a trial run. 
  • As you remember, my oven is acting fussy-a few days ago we used the oven thermometer and the best we could tell is that my oven was hot by 50 degrees. That is odd since my cookie today should have taken 13 minutes and cooked perfectly after 18 minutes. Who knows about the oven and my cooking skills (those are both to be determined). However, I do know that my cookie turned out perfectly. I will soon be making 6 more so I can have some ice cream sandwiches!
  • Right around lunch time, the boys mentioned that they wanted to go to Third Realm-someone asking to leave the house and do something is rare, so I jumped on it. I loaded up everyone here except Reagan who was still sleeping and went to pick up Keaton and Whitman. 
  • They jumped for an hour before Anderson and Graham headed home with Robby since they didn't want to swim. So Whitman, Campbell and Keaton went to the pool with me-except it was closed for an hour.
  • So we went to the store to pick up a few things. It all really did work out perfectly. When we came back to the pool, the kids were able to swim for an hour before we headed home. As we drove into the driveway, we quickly saw Robby and the boys working on the trampoline.
  • We had always said that no way would we have a trampoline. Well, you start passing out allowances and soon the kids have enough money to buy what they want. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman bought themselves a trampoline. 
  • They ended up skipping basketball to work on the trampoline and still have some net work to do tomorrow. The girls and I soon headed to Laynie's birthday party-it was a skating party so they were super tired when the party was over. 
  • But they could not wait to get home to try out their new trampoline. I even jumped for a little bit before we all headed to the Wilsons for a little bit. The kids had some ice cream while the adults enjoyed a bit of pecan pie. 
  • Once we made it home, some folks still needed their showers so it was a pretty late night at the Dennie house and will be a pretty early morning too! My chalkboard in the kitchen right now say "Summertime and the living is easy." That is a lie-it should say "Summertime and the living is busy, busy and you won't get to sleep in at all!"

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