June 23, 2019-Dennie Family Trip 2019

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Event though we went to bed late and event though the bed was small, we slept wonderfully with the rain beating on the windows. At one point in the middle of the night, we did hear a crash. Robby got up to look and see which kid bumped into which wall or door but it wasn't the middle of the night nor was it a kid bumping into something-it was just Graham closing the door of the restroom at 8 in the morning.

Graham later whispered to us that he was going to go down to breakfast. This caused Anderson to shoot out of bed while saying, "Wait for me." As they walked out of the door, Whitman jumped out and started asking, "Where are you going?" After Whitman was awake, the rest of the room started stirring.

Anderson was back fairly soon and then took Whitman to breakfast. Campbell stayed at the Embassy in Little Rock, and the breakfast sounded like a typical motel type breakfast there. This breakfast, however, was not that. They had pretty much everything-at least everything on my list: granola and flavored cream cheese. I wanted to try an omelet but thought maybe I will tomorrow.

Robby braved the monsoon to go and get Whitman's life jacket so the crew could go swimming. And swim they did. The pool area was a good size so everyone played and played. It did help that Lilly, Cash and Zach were there as well.

The other kids began to trickle into the room. I took the girls back first and then the boys came in. Whitman and Robby didn't show up for the longest time-at least an hour and possibly more. Robby eventually text me pictures of Whitman sitting in the hot tub with another family. He had made quite the friends.

Robby eventually asked me to come and gather the boy. The other family was leaving so it worked out well. I told Whitman that he played a long time at the pool. He told me that when you find friends that you enjoy playing with then the time passes quickly. I guess that is very true. After the pool, he took quite a long shower trying to get the chlorine out of his eyes. Our pool water doesn't really bother his eyes, but hotel pools really do a number on them.

After swimming we had a bit of downtime. I had myself a cat nap while the big boys and one of their cousins were playing tag on the 3rd and 4th floor. They brought this up-I guess they were feeling guilty about getting in trouble by a hotel worker. Ha! Of course, we won't soon let them forget it, but secretly we were pretty glad that they did mention it to us. I guess that is why mothers should not take naps!

We soon headed to the movie theater-well, 3 different movies actually. My crew minus Reagan and Anderson went to see Toy Story 4 while most everyone else went to see Aladdin. Reagan and Anderson missed seeing Aladdin with us while we they were at camp. Toy Story was good but Aladdin was still better. 

During the movie, Whitman and I shared a seat since our seats were kind of spread out. It was so comfy cozy but I didn't fall asleep. Mainly I didn't fall asleep because every time I would get comfortable, my side would hit the button to cause the chair to sit up. Everyone single time!

After the movie, we all headed to Chuys to eat supper. We didn't have to wait to incredibly long before our table for 18 was ready. Most of my crew all split something mainly because we had just been feasting on popcorn, candy and cokes. I don't think that any of my kids like Mexican really, but I will agree that Chuys is not my favorite Mexican place.

We stopped by Walmart on the way back to the hotel. I had hoped to find Anderson some slides and a shirt there, but we struck out on both. I could have stayed at that Walmart for a while since it was so nice and clean and full of stuff. I didn't browse too much though because the kids were anxious to get back to the hotel.

They were ready to meet up with their cousins back at the pool. Things were pretty rowdy in the pool tonight and that was really all because of us. We swam until ten and it was nearly midnight when my big 2 finally put up their ipads and went to bed.

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