June 17, 2019-Little Rock and OmaHOG Fans

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Little Rock:
  • This morning was again an early morning with my alarm ringing at 7. The girls asked to go to VBS at Immanuel and since I couldn't say no to taking them to church, that is where we headed first thing this morning.
  • Our VBS started at 9 last week and on the first day, the line to register was backed up almost out the door. I had preregistered on the computer yesterday but wasn't too sure if that all worked out since it was just yesterday. We were there by 8:20 and quickly found Campbell and Keaton's packet.
  • But that was about all that was happening-they were a bit later to arrive than at Geyer. By almost 9, things did seem to pick up and the girls found their spots. 
  • I headed home to do some work around the house. I had intended to do some work on the computer, but the internet was being a bit fussy. When Reagan woke up, after I had picked up the girls, she was almost frantic about me fixing the internet. I explained that there wasn't really much that I could do. I did unplug and plug something back in and that seemed to help. Though I am not sure if it was just a coincidence because it could have been a lamp that I was unplugging!
  • Before long it was time for me to retrieve the girls. Keaton was sitting by one of her old CBS friends who she was super excited to see. This girl goes to real school so Keaton hasn't seen her in two years. Campbell was sitting by one of her buddies from swim team. I do think that everyone had a really good time. 
  • Now, I will say though that as soon as I picked those girls up the got so ugly with each other. This same thing happens with them every time that we leave CBS too-so it is something about Immanuel or they are completely exhausted (that's my guess.)
  • We ate a quick bite to eat at home, and then met the Heltz at Third Realm. Candice and I watched the ball game looking intently for the boys. The kids would even walk upstairs to where we were occasionally to watch a bit of the game.
  • Once we left there, I took my crew to the pool. Reagan watched the game on my phone, Campbell and Keaton swam and swam and I put a pool towel under my head and had a siesta. I guess I slept so little that my fitbit didn't even count it as a nap so I probably shouldn't have even mentioned it on here!
  • While we were at the pool, I half jokingly asked the girls where we should go on a trip. Campbell suggested Silver Dollar City to which I vetoed. Keaton said that Bahamas to which Robby and the checkbook would veto. Reagan surprised me by saying a football game. I mentioned going to the Miss Arkansas pageant next year to which Reagan strongly vetoed.
  • I have been super excited for the boys knowing that they are having a great time. I do think that my little girls are a bit bummed that they aren't on a trip too. They just have to wait until Saturday when the Dennie bus leaves again.
  • After the pool, we came in and soon Campbell and Keaton went back out. The neighbors were all out-so many neighbors were out that Reagan even went outside to play. Everyone stayed outside until nearly 8. 
  • When they all came in, my crew had their showers and then we all ate supper. I pulled out a fridge full of leftovers but everyone chose nachos. Campbell and I did work on the leftovers though by topping our nachos with ham and baked beans.
  • We played another round of Sequence while we ate our supper. Then the girls watched a short movie and before long at all, it was time for bed. It looks like it will be a late night for me and an early morning!
  • Robby is currently driving all the way home tonight. So the boys' part of the blog is written by me. He has given me notes so hopefully I do their awesome day justice.
  • Robby woke up the boys-Anderson was already stirring. They had to get to breakfast by 9 so there was no sleeping in this morning. Then it was back to the room for a little bit. Robby did some real work while the boys played on their ipads.
  • Then they packed up and got back on the road of Omaha. The boys were excited to get back to the Fan Fest but they had no idea the fun that was in store for them.
  • Robby wanted free parking so as they were trekking from their parking spot a mile away, a man came up to them and asked if they had tickets. Robby said that they did, but the man said that they would probably want his.
  • Indeed they did-two seats right behind home plate on the 8th row and two more seats in the club level seating right also right behind home plate. The tickets also came with a pregame party-burgers, nachos, bbq, drinks, popcorn, ice cream and all you want of this. 
  • The kids had indeed thought that they had died and gone to heaven. Whitman was finally enjoying a baseball game! Except it hadn't started! 
  • As Robby was settling Graham and Anderson into their awesome seats, a man beside them offered up his phone number in case Robby needed to get a hold of the boys. Wasn't that nice?
  • At one point during the game, Robby came down to give the boys some money for a snack. He wasn't too surprised that they spent every single penny of the money that he gave them. I will say that I have never seen a bucket of popcorn so big as I did in a picture Robby went me. It looked to be larger than movie popcorn, but Robby did write that it was much, much cheaper.
  • Then Robby realized that the couple Whitman and him were sitting by were the ones who gave him the tickets. He said that if they had ended up staying for the next game, the people would have probably offered their house-that is how nice they were. 
  • For the boys, I wish that the game had a better outcome, but what a neat experience for them. I know that they loved it-and if they had won, Robby probably would have stayed another day or so for the next game. He was enjoying it all as much as the boys.
  • The original plan was to drive half of the way home today and half in the morning. But the plan soon changed to drive the entire way tonight. They made a few potty stops, even stopping for a ChickFilA supper, but for the most part they pressed on. 
  • As of right now, they have less than 3 hours left until they arrive home. Robby is listening to a sermon right now so I am going to shut my eyes briefly. I'm setting my alarm to wake me up to so I can keep him awake after his sermon is over.

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