June 13, 2019

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  • Today was the last day of VBS-I am pretty glad that they aren't doing it on Friday also. That would have just pushed a lot of people over the edge. Today's snack was a cookie which wasn't as good as yesterday's scones, but you take what you can get.
  • Whitman was pretty tired this morning-so tired that he didn't put on any underwear. Poor Robby tore up his hotel room looking for Whitman's undies. He never found them so I would have to assume that he did neglect to put them on. 
  • After VBS this morning, Robby swung by the church to help me take down my tent and haul it to the car. That was a huge help because that thing is heavy. Our room was decorated so cute, but all day today we were gradually taking things down. By the time that last class came, it looked pretty sad!
  • Once at home, I unloaded by VBS stuff while Robby loaded up his ice chest and then the car. After a dentist appointment for Robby and his work finished, the boys pulled out for their trip to Omaha. They were all pretty excited, but I also think that my big boys weren't too sure about leaving the rest of us. They know it means extra work for them!
  • Robby said that Whitman was sound asleep by Mayflower. He snoozed for a long time and woke up and asked "So, what's everyone doing?" They did stop once on the way for a bathroom/ice cream stop. Then it was on to Silver Dollar City. 
  • Robby said that this was the perfect time to go to SDC because the crowds were pouring out as they were going in. They were able to ride a few rides but focused mainly on the wet rides that we rarely let the kids do. They were all soaked!
  • Meanwhile, when they left I loaded up and took my girls to the pool. The water is still chilly and the breeze was so cool that I almost needed a blanket out there. The girls swam very little since it was so chilly. I thought about coming home early since they really weren't swimming, but my chair was nice and there was no laundry to fold at the pool.
  • Once back at home though, I kicked it up in high gear-folded my laundry, made a face mask, made breakfast burritos, cleaned the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher. Then it was time to run out the door for VBS family night.
  • They had hot dogs and hamburgers at Raymar, but even more fun was the water inflatables that they had for the kids to play on. Campbell and Keaton had a great time and were soaked! Now, Reagan didn't get wet, but she disappeared with her friends playing ball. She was even disappointed that the soccer goals were not out so I am not really sure that type of ball they were playing. 
  • We stayed until it was over-actually, we stayed longer than that! The girls were playing and I was chatting, so there was no hurry. Once at home, the girls had their showers and then we worked a long time on straightening upstairs. I cleaned up the boys room while they worked on their room. I am not sure who's room was the messiest, but both look a bit better now. 

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