July 8, 2019

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  • Around 8, I was headed to swim practice with Keaton, Campbell and Graham. They are learning so much at swim and I super wish that Whitman was able to do it and that my 2 bigs would do it. 
  • Graham's group was further-est away from me so I wasn't able to see much of him practicing. I was able to see Campbell swimming. At one point, she passed 2 other people in her group. She is not super fast but is sure improving. I did see Keaton diving and she did super.
  • As soon as swim was over, Robby met us with everyone else in the car. My crew changed while his crew jumped into my car. Then we headed off to Steve Sullivan's Father's Day golf event. We have been there 3 or 4 times and always win a few things. Today was no different.
  • The kids all did pretty good playing putt putt today. Campbell did get in a bit of a hurry so she could be first at every hole. Graham and Anderson were in a heated competition over who could win. I was keeping score and was even surprised that Anderson barely squeaked out a win over his brother. 
  • By the time that we had finished playing our rounds of putt putt, we had won something with 5 of our 6 raffle tickets. One hundred and fifty dollars to Sports Stop and fifty dollars for Coltons. (I had 3 Coltons gift cards left over from last year that we hadn't spent yet.)
  • The kids munched on leftover doughnuts as we waited for the trophys to be awarded. We were pretty sure that we didn't win any trophies. Robby didn't think that his score was low enough since his score and each child's score was added together. 
  • Whitman though sure wanted a trophy. I had already talked to him explaining that there were lots of boys and girls playing golf, and we probably wouldn't get a trophy today. He seemed fine with that. They announced the 4-6 year old boy winners starting with third and then second place. Those kids looked like they had it all together-much more together than Whitman who was quickly bored with putt putt and was made to finish a few holes. Low and behold though, the next thing I heard was "the winner of the boys 4-6 year olds is Whitman and Robby Dennie." If you could have seen the smile across Whitman's face. The boy was beaming!
  • They called out all of the other ages and then finally finished with the 10-15 girls. Reagan had already eyed all of her competition and was laughingly saying that she was going to get a trophy. After the third and second place girls were called, Reagan said, "oh, I am going to be sad." She was still kidding, but they weren't kidding when they called out the winner of the 10-15 year old girls-Reagan and Robby. Later in the day, Reagan reminded us at supper that she had indeed won a golf tournament.
  • We then took our winners and even our losers to the pool. We did pick up pizzas and ate at the pool. We just stayed there for 2 hours. Even though the water was cold, I did get in the water for a bit-I so want for Whitman to get the swimming thing down. Today after I finished working with him, he said, "I can't wait to go to swim practice with my real teacher." 
  • After the pool, we headed home for some more trampoline work. Everything was finished last night except for tying the net to the springs and attaching the pad around the trampoline. Net work took me probably an hour-basically you had a shoestring and had to weave it through two nets and the springs. 
  • While I was doing all of this, I would have to pause occasionally to let the kids jump. But I also needed to work quickly because before I started on the net, I was walking out to the trampoline and heard Whitman and then saw Anderson grab him so he didn't fall off. There is now no way for anyone to fall off-all secured.
  • We then moved the trampoline just a little bit so we can see it better from the kitchen window. Afterwards, I had to work on the padding around the trampoline. That meant crawling around on the ground-thankfully I was able to stay away from the ants. 
  • When I had finished the kids jumped for a good while. Next was showers and then we went out to use our Colton's gift cards. The kids were super pumped when Robby said that they could order what they wanted-until he said that we still weren't getting cokes unless they came with the kid's meals. 
  • We splurged with steaks, chicken, potatoes and lots and lots of rolls. Robby even let the kids order a "premium" side which cost a dollar extra. Needless to say, the 125 dollars that we had of Colton's gift cards won't be enough for the fam to go back. Maybe Robby and I can squeeze out a meal on what is left.
  • Once at home, the kids had a few minutes on their devices before bed. I currently have two loads of folded laundry in the floor of my room (one folded by me this afternoon and one folded by Robby tonight) along with a load in the dryer and one in the washer. I guess I will have time to fold some more tomorrow...or there is always Monday or Tuesday.

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