June 2, 2019

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  • We all slept well almost too well. Except in the morning...when we are in a hotel, Robby makes sure that the blinds are closed tight. Sometimes he even clothes pins the curtains so there will be no light in the morning. At home, our blinds don't keep any light out at all. It is brighter than the sun in the morning-well, I guess it is the sun.
  • Church this morning-Whitman wasn't too disappointed that it was big church day. Now, I would sit through church again just to hear him sing again. He was singing his little heart out. After church was over, the choir continued to sing and so did my Whitman. He stood and sang until they were done. 
  • We had our lunch at Nonna and Pops' house. After eating Nonna's Joe Powell chocolate cake, I decided that I have to figure out my oven or my baking skills. I borrowed Nonna's over thermometer. I am not too sure how well it will work since the thermometer was reading 110 in Nonna's house. I will keep you posted on my actual oven temperature or on my baking classes that I will have to enroll in!
  • Once at home, we headed straight to bed-it was Sunday afternoon nap time. After a good long nap, we loaded up and went to the pool. We did let Graham stay home since he is still coughing (and because we are going jumping and to the pool tomorrow).
  • The kids enjoyed swimming and probably wore themselves out again. We stayed for 3 hours and had our supper there. Back at home, the kids showered and then helped a bit around the house. Things are still a little bit not as straight as I would like around here...but there is always tomorrow. 

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