June 15, 2019-Little Rock and OmaHOG Fans

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Little Rock:
  • We had swim practice at 8:30 this morning. I only had one of mine going since Campbell was at a sleepover, but 2 Heltz girls also needed to go so we couldn't skip. Well, Keaton is a bit stressed about the meet on Tuesday so she would have not wanted to skip if I had even given her the choice.
  • For about 2 years now, Graham has wanted to do swim team, but each time all I could think about was sitting in the hot sun while they were practicing. It has been nothing like that this year-each time I have been to swim practice, I have ended up covered up with a towel! Brrr. 
  • After practice, we ran home for a little bit. I should have probably stayed on that side of town, but I didn't have any errands to run nor did I need to spend any money. The girls had time to play and dry out, before we turned around and headed back to the pool.
  • I don't even put on my bathing suit and act like I am going to swim these days-it is just too cold. There is no reason for me to get in that water at all. I even debated wearing flip flops today since I was worried that my feet would be cold. It might be decent or almost warm in the sun, but in the shade it is chilly.
  • After the pool, we ran to Grannymom and Grandpa's house for a little bit. We stayed for a while and then headed home. Reagan was anxious to go down the road to Hannah's birthday party. Campbell and Keaton were anxious for her to go too since that meant that Zoey would come here for the night.
  • The girls have made a craft, rode bikes, jumped on the trampoline and been very busy. I even had them make pumpkin muffins for their breakfast. They also read a book about crepes and made some strawberry and nutella filled crepes. 
  • We also ran a few errands before watching the Hogs play. Well, I watched the Hogs. You could probably use the term "watched" very loosely since I would run and do something and then come back to fast forward through the game. 
  • I was mainly keeping my eye on the score and watching to see if I could see the boys. I didn't see either for a long while-the score or the boys! It didn't turn out the way that they wanted, and I haven't heard yet when my crew may be coming home. I might just have to meet Robby in NW Arkansas later next week for the start of the Dennie family trip. 
  • The girls had a snack and settled in to watch a movie. They tried first in the bonus room but we couldn't figure out the tv up there. So they ended up in the living room for their movie. As they watched their movie, I finished up the Hogs game and watched the new Miss. Arkansas be crowned. 

  • When the alarm went off at 7:00, I definitely hit snooze.  But had to make a decision on today's plans pretty quick.  With the game start at 6 p.m., and us being only about 3.5 hours away in Kansas City, we had a few options. Had thought about taking boys to the NCAA Experience but it didn't open until 10 a.m. and then we would have the full drive. Thought we might be too rushed for it (will have to come back to KC), so opted for more history instead and extra hour drive. 
  • Anderson did stir once he heard me up and around. But Graham and Whitman both had to be woke up. Since we were making an extra hour drive, we had to move fairly quickly so I announced we would head to Krispy Kreme and skip the hotel breakfast if they wanted to and could get ready pretty quick. That definitely provided motivation and soon everyone was dressed and the cart loaded.
  • Krispy Kreme was only around the block. We ran in and made our selections and hit the road toward Beatrice, Kansas. What's in Beatrice?  Well, first a population of 12 thousand but I was beginning to wonder as we made the 3 hour drive toward Beatrice. There was not much in the middle of Nebraska.  But right outside of Beatrice is the Homestead National Monument of America -- dedicated to the country's homesteaders.  We checked out the movie here and also picked up the junior ranger books.  Museum was interesting and had facts about the very first homesteaders to the very last one, a man in Alaska who filed a homestead in 1978.  We also checked an original cabin from the time period they had on the ground before headed back to the car.  We made our picnic lunch and soon were on the road to Omaha literally. 
  • Well, we did make a brief stop in Lincoln, Nebraska. We had never been here so we did drive by to see the State Capitol and for a quick photo op.
  • Soon we were in Omaha and passed right by TD Ameritrade Stadium and made our way across the river to our hotel for the night in Council Bluff, Iowa. We were only 2 miles from the stadium so we decided to check in and get our stuff settled since the first game was only in the 5th inning.
  • We had a quick snack thinking we might could avoid concessions (no luck!) and then jumped back in the car crossing back over the river. We quickly remembered we forgot Whitman's hat so we went back over the river. (He ended up not wanting his hat but we had it anyway).
  • We lucked in a free parking spot and walked over the stadium just as the first game between Michigan and Texas Tech was ending. Folks began flooding out as we took our first pictures outside the stadium.  Since they have to clear the stadium before the second game, we walked around outside the stadium and found ourselves at Fan Fest where we enjoyed some of the games and activities and free Coke samples.
  • They were soon opening the gates and we entered at Gate 3 and walked right up to the outfield and a great view of the whole stadium. It was an impressive site for college baseball. Our seats ended up being right at the foul pole of 3rd base and by the Arkansas pitchers. The boys were able to watch them warm up and hope for a ball (no luck!). But the boys felt like they had a front row to the action.  The sun was out strong so Whitman opted to hang out at our seats which were just a few rows back from where the boys were hanging out. I had promised him popcorn so he was on his best behavior. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to bribe - he said baseball was his favorite but he was good thru the whole game. (Well, the snowcone in the 6th inning tided him over.)
  • There was not a lot of offense in the game as it come down to a pitching dual. 0-0 going into the 9th and we knew it could go either way. And it did not go our way with the Seminoles scoring a run in the top and we never really had a chance at the last at bat.  So it didn't end the way we wanted but we definitely enjoyed our first College World Series experience.  So much we have opted to come back for Monday's 1:00 game in the loser's bracket. Hoping we can at least help the Hogs get back on the right track. (Or maybe I'm just avoiding the 10 hour drive home.)
  • We made our way out of the stadium and did a bit of souvenir shopping. Walked back to the car and were back over the river in no time. We called Grannymom and Grandpa and then run thru the Wendy's drive thru for a late supper. (Graham did opt for nachos at the game while Anderson had joined Whitman for a snowcone.)
  • We stayed up way too late but plan on sleeping in tomorrow since we have a whole day to kill. I'm sure we'll find something to do in Omaha.

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