June 29, 2019

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  • I heard Robby's alarm clock go off for about 5 minutes this morning. It went off until he leaned over me to turn off my alarm. Ha! I guess I was sleeping so soundly that I was sure it was his alarm. My alarm was set for swim team early this morning.
  • Campbell and Whitman were the only Dennies awake. I went to wake up Graham and then to Keaton's room to wake her up, then back to Graham, then back to Keaton, then back to Graham before I had any success. I was about to give up and just let them sleep in when they finally did stir.
  • Robby ended up taking everyone. The one good thing about swim team is that it does get us up early on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Robby dropped the kids off and ran some errands while I read to Whitman, folded 2 loads of laundry and emptied the dishes.
  • When they made it home, Robby soon headed outside to work in the yard. Since everything in the house was decent (except for the kitchen floor which is in desperate need of a good cleaning) I headed outside too.
  • We picked up sticks, trimmed some bushes and I tried to spray some weeds. We still have a few things that we need to do in the yard, but it won't happen this week! The tree that fell is gone and that side of the yard is clean. 
  • Robby mowed a little bit while I went back in to fold one or possibly two more loads of laundry. Seriously, we should go back to wearing less clothes. In the winter, my kids wake up in their pjs, do school in their pjs, stay inside all afternoon in their pjs and then go to bed again in the same pjs. Not so in the summer-we start off in pjs, put on clothes, go to the pool in a bathing suit, bring home lots of wet towels and then change into more clothes before finding new pjs. I may have to start using both washing machines again.
  • We soon all loaded up to head to the pool for a little bit. We stayed for almost 2 hours. Robby and I both got in the water which made the kids super happy. Whitman, though, didn't have any interest in practicing swimming today. He did jump off of the diving board and swim to the shallow end tonight.
  • We came home and vegged out a bit. Robby did make hot dogs for supper while I worked on getting another load of laundry started (I promise I won't mention the word laundry tomorrow). After eating, I finished my book as we watched some tv.
  • The Wilsons came over tonight for a little bit. We chatted and ate some ice cream. The kids played outside and played a few games upstairs before they went home. By this time, it was shower time for the remaining Dennies that needed showers and then bedtime for all.

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