June 11, 2019

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  • VBS day 2-my people moved a bit slower this morning, and it didn't help that we had to leave 15 minutes earlier today than yesterday. (Tomorrow some are going to swim team practice so they are going to leave even earlier!) 
  • Whitman was the slowest to wake up this morning. I brought him downstairs to lay in my bed and when Robby discovered him later, he was sound asleep again. Today was color day at VBS so everyone was wearing a specific color-we did find out that we don't have many yellow shirts around here.
  • VBS flew by for me since I told the same story 5 times. I was only able to get one bite of my cinnamon roll each time before it was time for the next group to come in. Now, the adult snacks are the envy of the kids-Reagan was very excited this year to because since she is a worker, she is able to eat the adult snacks.
  • After every thing was over, we headed to Nonna and Pops' house for lunch. Unfortunately, Nonna was getting her hair cut so she missed us. Pops had lunch ready for us all. He had everything ready, and it was a delicious lunch. The kids gobbled up a whole package of tortillas as they ate quesadilla after quesadilla.
  • From there, we went to the pool for just 2 hours. Campbell was not pleased with me since we left after 2 hours. I have figured out that 2 hours is about all the big kids enjoy and after that they they get a bit bored. 
  • I didn't get in the pool because it was chilly, chilly today. Whitman always wants me to work with him swimming, but today I didn't feel too bad since he had a swim lesson tonight.
  • Once at home, I unloaded and put things away and then sat down for a minute-which turned into 45. I was exhausted! Soon it was time for Whitman's lesson. He is doing fine but doesn't use his arms. I know he just needs more practice. 
  • Robby had supper, well breakfast, ready for us when we got home. It was delicious and we all gobbled it us. Afterwards, it was shower time for everyone.
  • We had plenty of time to finish our Holes movie tonight. Whitman would run out of the room whenever the movie became intense. When the movie was over, it was soon bed time!

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