June 19, 2019

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  • This blog is being brought to you by the generator of the 2012 ice storm. Robby had hoped tonight that after plugging it all up that the lights would kick back on, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  • I will spare you from all of the day's events because I am sure you are just interested in finding out how the trampoline fared during tonight's storm. Well, it is upright and looked to be just fine....though it is in a different spot by about 15 feet. It ended up against the tree house which is probably what saved it! That would have been heartbreaking.
  • Also, one half of a tree is down plus there are lots of limbs to pick up in the yard. We weren't at home when the weather came through but it must have been pretty messy. Thankful for a roof over our heads and no trees in that roof.
  • Let's get back to this morning though. This was the last day of basketball camp for the boys. Overall, I think that they had fun and were tickled to receive a pretty nice basketball at the end of camp.
  • Campbell and Keaton are still enjoying Vacation Bible School. I just think that they would be tired from two weeks of VBS. Campbell, however, is a social butterfly and thrives off of being near people. 
  • Whitman and Reagan were glad to see the kids come in around lunch time or maybe they were glad to see the lunch that Robby brought home for everyone. They all ate and then we had a few minutes before it was time to load up for Third Realm. 
  • The kids enjoyed jumping there. I think that the boys prefer Third Realm over the pool. Anderson did say that he was exceptionally tired today and his legs were even jiggly from the basketball camp.
  • Once we came home, the kids jumped on the trampoline and played outside some of the afternoon long. I had already finished all of my chores and then some this morning. I was so productive that I even made time for my self to walk on the treadmill. While I was walking, I thought that I probably should have been a bit slower on my chores so I didn't have to walk.
  • Reagan had at thing at church tonight. They had intended to go play putt putt and eat snow cones, but ended up eating pizza and playing dodgeball at church. That is what Reagan really wanted to do.
  • The rest of us ate supper at the McGuires' house tonight. The kids were able to swim in the pool for a long time before the storm came up. They started seeing lightening so they got out of the pool. Afterwards, though they went back out and chatted until the storm really did come through.
  • We did eat one of our huge ice cream cookies at their house tonight and it was exceptionally good. It was a fun treat! Good thing I have 2 more. What was I thinking that we might need 3 of those. I guess it is better to have too much...and those extra 2 ice cream sandwiches are probably the reason that Robby has the generator going right now to the freezer outside.
  • I just looked on the map and it looks like half of Little Rock is out of power. Looks like both sets of grands are out of power. Right now we are good here since the generator is keeping at least one of my fridges cold. It is also running a fan and lamp in our room plus charging all of our devices. The plan is for me to take a shower soon so I better jump in there now before the gas runs out on the generator.

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