June 28, 2019

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  • I could have slept in a bit more today, but someone was asking me questions way too early in the morning. I don't know what they were asking or even who it was, but it was questions and it was early.
  • I first stop this morning was the laundry and the dishes-those two never ending chores. I read to Whitman fairly early this morning and even found time to read to the girls in between their many bb gun shooting outings.
  • Whitman spent a long time this morning on making a fort. He played in it for a long while as well as Campbell and Keaton. Before 11, we left for Third Realm. The Powells were there so the boys had some friends to jump with.
  • From there, we headed right to the pool to swim. The kids all enjoyed swimming. Whitman even went off of the diving board without his floatee. I guess he did fine-he made it to the side. We only stayed for 2 hours. The big kids are always ready to leave so 2 hours was a good compromise since Campbell could stay forever.
  • Robby was working outside so I joined him for a little bit. I stayed out there until it was almost time to take the big boys to basketball. They were excited to go tonight since they had missed the last few basketball practices.
  • There weren't many boys there, but they still had fun. And I had fun wandering around Walmart by myself. I found a few things I needed and even a few things I didn't need.
  • Once we all made it back home, we had some supper. We all ended our evening huddled around the tv watching a show or two. We stayed up way too late, but I guess that it is a Friday night after all!

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