June 1, 2019

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  • Well, we were back to reality and reality is just busy! I didn't tell Keaton, Campbell and Graham about swim team practice this morning because I didn't want to hear any moaning and complaining this morning-and besides I was doing enough moaning and complaining for everyone else because swim practice at 8:30 on a Saturday morning is just way too early.
  • My kids were a bit worried about practice but it was just fine. They were supposed to "try out" by swimming across the pool without a floatie which they can easily do. However, the normal swim coaches weren't there so things were a bit different today. 
  • However, Graham and Campbell swam with the big kids and swim they did. Graham was the only boy there today and Campbell is probably the weakest swimmer in the big kid group (weak-not the she is going to drown but on the slow side.) They swam and swam and swam-I knew that they were going to be exhausted this afternoon. 
  • Keaton's is in the younger kids group. They worked hard too and even did some laps in the pool. By the middle of practice, the kids were relaxed and enjoying it. Graham has been wanting to do swim team for years but we are usually out of town. This year when I offered him the chance, he wasn't too sure. We highly encouraged him (and Campbell who didn't think she wanted to do it because of the hair cap she will have to wear at competitions). Graham had a blast though and was glad that he signed up.
  • Once I made it home, I went to work packing Anderson. Reagan had done most of her packing and was zipping up her bag as I came up to help her. Reagan was so excited for this camp so I hope that it meets and exceeds all of her expectations. Anderson was a bit apprehensive about it-he hasn't really been in the youth group so it is all a new thing for him.
  • At 1, Campbell, Keaton and I dropped off Reagan and Anderson. The only one of their siblings that they both said bye to was Whitman-I thought that was odd. It was organized mass chaos with over 200 folks leaving. 
  • We didn't stick around to see them off since Reagan found her friends and Anderson was heading towards his. So the girls and I ran to Walmart, Target, Redbox and the library. Once we were back home, I worked some more on unpacking and putting everything away. 
  • Robby spent most of the afternoon mowing while Graham spent most of the afternoon coughing. I guess he is getting a cold. When we went to go the pool at 4, Graham swam a little bit but eventually just got out and sat by us.
  • Whitman played so hard at the pool. I bought him a new life jacket which is a tiny bit on the large size so he is struggling with it-it just doesn't fit that right. Hopefully, in a few weeks he won't need that life jacket at all. But when he has a life jacket, I can sit in my pool chair and relax since all the others are good swimmers. 
  • We had supper at the pool, and then the kids swam a little bit longer before we headed home. Once we were at home, the kids had their showers. The Wilsons came over for a bit and I made some cookies-or I tried to make some cookies. I like to think that my cookie making problem is due to my oven and not my ability. 
  • The Wilsons however saved the day or the snack-they brought Fried Pies from Jacksonville. We heated them up in the oven and they were pretty yummy-except for the blueberry which wasn't a crowd favorite. I didn't try it though so I am not sure. The favorite was butter pecan.
  • I knew that Whitman was tired when he came to sit by me while I was talking to Shannon. By the time that we told them bye, he was sound asleep on the couch. I carried him up the stairs and put him in bed. It was a long day and swimming completely exhausted him.

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