June 27, 2019

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  • Today was a get back to normal day. Reagan slept until I woke her up, Anderson was not happy about going to the pool, Graham was up first, Campbell never stopped talking, Keaton did lots of cartwheels and Whitman hung on to his ipad most of the day. I will say that yes, we are completely back to normal around here.
  • My first task today was laundry followed by the dishes. The two never ending chores around here. I did spent a good chunk of the day working on trying to clean my washing machine. Even though I leave the door open all of the time, there is still nasty on my washer. I soaked it in bleach, scrubbed it with bleach, ran a load with bleach and did the same things with baking soda and vinegar. It did help, but it isn't completely clean. 
  • Whitman and I also did a bit of reading this morning. He so enjoys our reading time and so do I. Twice I tried to read to the girls today, but something came up, and we had to change plans. Hopefully, I can catch up tomorrow. There aren't many more days of summer left, and I have some books that I want to finish. 
  • At 11, we went to the pool. Whitman worked on his swimming. This was the first time that he really became upset with me when I made him put on his floatee. I had swam with him for an hour and a half. I left him in the shallow, but he swam to Anderson in the deep (deep for him). So it was floatee time for the boy.
  • We ate our lunch there and stayed for about 3 hours. By the time that we came home, everyone was tired but they did help me clean out the car. I had offered a dollar reward by this time to find Keaton's goggles. We were almost certain that we brought them home after our early morning swim practice before our trip, but could not find them. 
  • Robby had already found one pair of goggles in his car this morning and after my frantic text, looked in his car again at lunch. I had already searched the house top to bottom twice when he came home tonight. I did check his car again and didn't find them. However, when we were about to leave for the grocery store tonight, there they were on the floor of his car. Mystery solved! (Keaton was super glad that she didn't have to buy a replacement pair.)
  • The neighbors came out this afternoon and then again this evening. There was lots of bb gun shooting-and we don't have have the cartridges for the boys' new guns. I can't imagine all of the gunning that will be happening here when we get those.
  • The final shower tonight ended at about 10. The kids were out that late and by the time that they ate supper, it was way, way late. That was fine though because the evening seemed super short!

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