August 1, 2019

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  • School day number 3 around here and everyone survived. I couldn't ask for anything more. I think that I do enjoy school much more when we do very little and when we start at 9. If we could always have this schedule, then I might just homeschool all year long-not sure if the kids would agree though.
  • At one point this morning, Whitman was working on his phonics and said, "this doesn't take any time when you are busy thinking about playing on your ipad when you are finished." I can only hope that he continues thinking about his ipad during school.
  • We were doing our morning reading when Candice called this morning. A friend's grandmother was taking her big girls out for the day and asked if someone else wanted to go with them. So they invited Reagan. It was pretty spur of the moment, but Reagan had a blast. They went to eat pizza, escaped in an escape room, went to two antique stores, ate ice cream and even went to another store. She enjoyed it, but she super enjoyed not having to do her school today. (No worries though since she will be able to catch up tomorrow.)
  • On our new chore list, Keaton has to make lunch one time every other week. Today, she made cheese quesadillas for her lunch, and it must have been delicious because they ate all that she made. Reagan was gone but so was Campbell since she was running a lunch errand with Robby.
  • After lunch, we ran to Third Realm. All of the crew was there so the kids super enjoyed it. We had thought that our passes expired next Thursday, but we did find out that we have until the end of the month. This will allow us to get a few more visits in. We are currently at 86 visits would works out to me paying about 67 cents per kid each time that we jump. And yes, I am the reason that they will never ever do that same deal again.
  • Once we finished jumping, Graham and I ran an errand. One of his birthday shirts was a bit too small, so we returned it. We did upgrade from a tshirt to a long sleeved sweatshirt so he had to pay about 8 more dollars, but was super excited about it.
  • On the way home, we picked up Reagan and instead of working on her school, she insisted that we work on a new shirt for her. we quickly cut out words to put on her shirt and used the heat press to put it on. She was pleased so I was also pleased!
  • We went to the pool tonight as well. The big boys decided to stay home which was fine with me since they swam for 3 hours with me yesterday plus went to pool parties last night. Though they must have been a bit bored because Graham once text and said that he was going to work on his school for a little bit!
  • When we made it home, it was time for showers and then eventually bedtime! Tomorrow is another busy day!

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