November 11, 2019-Disney Trip Day 14

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This morning started like any other morning lately-I had to get up and go to the bathroom! My bladder isn’t what it used to be. I am not too sure if Robby was gone already to take his shower, so I decided that I should get up to take mine as well. 

Unlike Robby, I wasn’t walking down to the showers to take my shower, I was going to use the drippy, tiny camper shower. It wasn’t too bad, and I might just have been getting used to it. As soon as I stepped out of the shower, we started zipping up bags and throwing them out the door of the camper.

We cleaned that place up in a hurry and were soon on the boat. Well, the kids and I were on the boat to Magic Kingdom. Robby took the car to park in the parking lot. We rode the boat because the security line is nutzo at the parking lot, but when you get off of the boat the line is very short. 

It didn’t take long for us to find our spot to head to Peter Pan. Robby barely made it to us before the park opened. Today, they did have a bit of pre show with Mickey and the princess’ before the park opened. That made things extra special on our last day.

We hurried to Peter Pan and pretty much walked right on. By the time that we left, the line was 40 minutes. What in the world? I mean, it is something that you have to see, but a 40 minute line just after the park opened-gracious. 

After Peter, we walked right the Small World. The kids wanted to so of course we did. I love that they appreciate some of the nostalgia of Disney. After Peter, we headed towards Dumbo-not for the ride but just for the playground. This ended up being the second time that we stood in line and then left. Today the playground wasn’t open yet. Whitman took it well, and I promised that we would come and play again on that playground.

We did stop and get some popcorn. We have been using the mess out of the popcorn bucket. It is just 2 dollars a refill so those popcorn bucket refills have been flowing pretty freely. The other day, Robby didn’t even had to pay for his refill-that was our first bit of Disney magic.

Next up, the kids rode the Barnstormer. Whtman doesn’t like it though because he says that it is too short. My 6 year old is a thrill seeker! We then went to meet some characters-Minnie, Daisy, Pluto, and Donald where all in one section. As we left there, Anderson found himself a cookie that he wanted. It was a giant Mickey head-so he had one and so did the rest of us.

Our first FastPass of the day was Seven Dwarfs. That is always a fun ride. Then we spent the last of Keaton’s money-she bought herself an autograph book. It has a picture spot on each page so I am not wishing that I had bought Campbell one like that instead of the one that I just gave to her.

We then headed over to Space Mountain to ride it one last time. It is always fun, but I am always a bit worried that our car is going to come right off of the tracks during the ride. I am sure that couldn’t happen, but it sure sounds like it could.

I did forget to mention that the other day when we were standing in line for Pirates, the man behind us started saying “Whitman” over and over again. I smiled at Whitman, and we just assumed he was talking to someone else. Finally, Reagan told me that he had our Whitman’s magic band in his hand. He had found it, read the name off of the back and was trying to find the owner. After we thanked him, Whitman told him that he thought he was calling a family member.

We stopped at Pinochio’s restaurant this morning for a little snack. I pulled everything out of my bag while Reagan got waters and Keaton and Campbell saw the Fairy Godmother. We rested there until it was time for our last Disney FastPass-Winnie the Pooh. It is a fun little ride. When it was over, we sadly walked down Main Street back to the car. 

There is nothing worse than the end of a vacation. The only thing that makes it a little bit better is planning the next trip, which we did on our long drive to our hotel. Robby drove for a little bit in the beginning. Then I drove most of the rest of the way until supper. 

We ate at Arby’s in Tifton. The worker was so nice that I came to the car and emailed the company. We did have a few bathroom stops but eventually made it to our stopping point for the night. It did seem like it took forever tonight to get to the hotel. The rain that came didn’t help things either. I think that most everyone except for Whitman and Anderson took a nap. We were fortunate that time changed to give us a few more minutes tonight-however, that will make tomorrow morning come early.

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