November 26, 2019

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  • I woke up in time to hit snooze a few too many times. I had to scramble around to get our school started by 8:10. The kids mostly woke up in a good mood though Campbell felt pretty crummy this morning. She has a bit of the cold that the rest of us have/had.
  • We did our reading, and then everyone started on their work. Graham had already finished his, Reagan had done a bit along with Keaton. I zoomed through working with everyone individually. 
  • Around noon, Reagan headed out with her buddies to watch Frozen 2. She said that it was okay, but she liked the first one better. It took a few more minutes after noon before Whitman finally finished his work. The only way he moves quicker is if I tell him that he can skip something if he does some things faster.
  • I ran to Nonna's to deliver some of the kids' Christmas presents. My present attic has been doing double duty as also my travel attic so it has been a bit cluttered. I was anxious to move a few boxes out of the attic for next week when I have to start packing...I should also start doing some of my wrapping.
  • Robby and I went to get gas for our cars. Then Anderson and I went for another check up. While he was still on his last antibiotic, he said that his other ear started to fill full. We waited a few days after that medicine was finished before we went to the doctor. That ear is indeed infected so after our almost 2 hour appointment, we rushed to the pharmacy for medicine.
  • It did help that we brought Cash home to spend the night plus Robby came home with some pizza for our supper. I was pleased when we came home, that Campbell and Whitman had already put up the Christmas tree monorail.
  • During a lull in the rain, Robby and I worked on putting the tire back on his tractor. He was pleased to be done with that fiasco, and he also marked off new tires for his car today. 
  • This evening we watched some tv and enjoyed a little bit of a cookie pizza! It was a pretty quiet evening. 

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