November 9, 2019-Disney Trip Day 12

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When my alarm went off at 6:30 and Robby was still in bed, I woke him up. He has been walking to the showers each morning and has always been the first one awake. Not this morning though. I jumped in the tiny shower here and then started waking everyone up.

We left just as the Crafts were pulling out in their car and the Heltz in their golf cart. We were a bit later than we had been before, but we still headed off to Smuggler’s Run, the new Star Wars ride. Keaton and Campbell went up with Traci’s parents to ride Rock N Roller Coaster. 

They were able to ride their ride twice while we waited in line and only rode our ride once. We were still out o there in 45 minutes so that was good. Anderson was the gunner in our cockpit. Whitman really wanted to be the engineer so I traded my pilot token for him to get engineer.

We could definitely tell a difference today in the crowd levels at the park. There were people everywhere-and not just a few but lots. It is a holiday weekend plus this is the end of Jersey week here. And just what is Jersey week? Well, we hear that people up North have a week off so they come down here. Who knew?

After our Star Wars ride, we met up with the girls and then walked back through Star Wars land to look around some. It was so crowded that we couldn’t really look around too much. When we come back, it will be super crazy because they are supposed to have the second new Star Wars ride open. 

Our first FastPass today was Toy Story. That is always a fun ride. This time I did beat everyone else which made me super happy. From there, we walked over and had our last set of lunchables. We have way too much food on everything else, but we could have bought one more day of lunchables. Oh, well, no one will go hungry. 

Then we met up with the Heltz for our Frozen Sing Along show. It is always super cute. And yes, I did close my eyes for a minute or two during it. Whitman didn’t sing at all during the show which made Reagan frustrated, but he did take it all in.

Next up, everyone but Reagan and Robby rode Star Tours. It was a different simulator ride than the last time, and I really enjoyed this one. We did leave Anderson’s hat on the ride. He remembered it as soon as we left the building, so we were able to retrieve it with little trouble.

After waiting on the hat, Anderson and I had to hurry over to the Disney Jr. Dance Party. It was okay. Whitman seemed to enjoy it but didn’t care at all about dancing. It is one that I will certainly not have to do for a long while. Ah, yes, we also did the Muppet Vision 3D today early in the morning. It is also one that I will not have to do again for a while. It probably needs a little bit of updating.

After the Dance Party, we had ourselves a snack or two. The funnel cake was pretty good-though I haven’t found my perfect Disney snack just yet. Cambpell did really like her cinnamon pretzel bites the other day from Disney Springs, but they weren’t really Disney food. I guess we will have to keep sampling.

Then it was back to the car and then the camper. This afternoon was fairly busy-I worked on our bags and did some packing up while Robby went to the office to pay some bills. Then we loaded the golf carts up full of kids and headed off to explore.

First we dropped off some laundry, then I returned yesterday’s ornament for a better one. Then we drove around some loops to look at the decorations. It is just odd-these people not only have lights or a blow up, but most people here have lights and multiple blow ups in front of their campers. They go all out!

We then went to let the kids play on the playground for a little bit. We didn’t last too long because by then, we were cold! It was downright chilly this afternoon and evening-and yes, I know that it was about 20 degrees colder at home.

The first thing I did when we got back was to change pants, and I even added “warm clothes” onto my master packing list. Soon Robby returned with the laundry, and I had BBQ sandwiches warmed up for everyone.

We weren’t in a rush to get back to Magic Kingdom tonight, but we did hurry over there as soon as supper was finished. That park was nutzo! They were filming the Christmas special which was neat to see. Now, we don’t know any of the performers but will still enjoy watching it Thanksgiving Day.

We rode Buzz Lightyear followed by our long awaited ride on the People Mover. Then the kids really wanted to go to the Laugh Factory show again. When Robby was on the screen and it said, “will buy churros for everyone,” Reagan thought things were bad. However, when he was on the screen, and it said, “feels the urge to get up and dance,” and her father got up and danced, Reagan asked to leave! Of course, all of this tickled me and I probably laughed the loudest during the show.

Afterwards, we went to ride the Magic Carpets before standing in a really long Starbucks line for a drink for Campbell and me to share along with one for Reagan. Then it was back through the crowds towards the camper. 

On the boat, Whitman fell sound asleep. He was exhausted. Actually, when we told him that we were going back to Magic Kingdom tonight, he replied, “but my legs are so sore.” I totally agree! Just 2 more days of walking and then we can get back in our normal schedule and take a break!

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