November 24, 2019

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  • There was little clothes drama this Sunday morning. There really hasn't been clothes drama lately, but there so easily could have been today. Campbell was wearing a new dress, thanks to Layne. The new dress was also very wrinkled-Robby and I did the best we could with a gallon of wrinkle releaser last night along with hanging it near the shower in hopes that it would be fine today.
  • Thankfully, it was. I also knew that Campbell didn't really have shoes to wear with the dress. She did find some that kind of worked and by 2 this afternoon, I had bought her a pair of black flats for next time. (Who doesn't love them some 5 dollar shoes?)
  • Also for clothes drama, Anderson was wearing a new shirt. It fit well and looked nice (though it wasn't our top choice for the one for him to buy.) And I did have to make Graham change out of his pajama shirt-he was wearing it under his zip up pullover this morning. I probably wouldn't have noticed or cared, but that pjs shirt is pretty stained.
  • And that leaves Whitman-last week he tried on one pair of pants that were too short, which left his others which were too big but still worked. Today, I pulled out some that looked nice except for the whole in the knee. So I went with another pair that he wore-except the waist was so small that he probably spent all morning and afternoon with his pants just unbuttoned. I am sure that we will get this winter clothes thing settled soon-it may be spring by the time we find right pants for Whitman to wear on Sunday morning.
  • After all of that, the rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Church was the same. I am not sure why though as we were leaving, Whitman asked me about 20 questions about "divorce." I heard the same sermon he did and taught his Sunday school lesson so I am not sure where those questions came from.
  • We had lunch at Granymom's house. The kids went right to playing games after lunch while Campbell snuck off with me for some shoe and burlap shopping. We returned and headed home with everyone else. 
  • This afternoon the little 3 played outside with the neighbors while Robby and I napped. And we napped well! Afterwards, I did some laundry, Christmas tree work along with some meat cooking. 
  • Then it was supper at the Wilsons tonight-it was the perfect night for chili. We finished off Shannon's pot of chili along with finishing off her bowl of candy! You wouldn't think that Robby and I would need ice cream before bed-but we did!

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