November 18, 2019

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  • I was about to say that today was a pretty good Tuesday...however, I do believe that this is not Tuesday. So that actually makes today a really good Monday. We were up at a decent time but still had to scurry around to get our school started.
  • The kids all got right to work on their school. Whitman was even a bit focused today-he finihsed by 1 which is much better than on Friday when it took him until Sunday night to finish his school work.
  • Lunch was at a decent time this afternoon. After everyone ate, we did some more reading. I am working hard on finishing my books-Reagan told me today that maybe when we finish the books in our box, I shouldn't get any more from the library. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I have about 30 in the cabinet plus 30 more at the library waiting on me. 
  • The snack this afternoon was ice cream in a bag. Whitman is possibly doing a report about that recipe, plus Reagan has been wanting to make it for a while. So there were 6 kiddos shaking bags of ice and rock salt all around my kitchen-incredible mess! It took a good while to clean up, but everyone enjoyed the ice cream. I even had some which was actually pretty good.
  • The girls and I left the house at 4 today. We ran to at 6 different stores. We bought a few Christmas gifts and even added a few things on Christmas lists. I was pretty pleased with what all we accomplished.
  • The boys had their Trail Life meeting tonight. They made squirrel feeders and talked about home maintance. I think that they had fun and gosh, those boys sure were cute in their uniforms tonight.
  • The girls and I watched our second Hallmark movie of the season right before bedtime. I guess that it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

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