November 3, 2019-Disney Trip Day 6

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Since last night was time change, we were expecting the hotel room clocks to not change. When I did wake up at 6, I checked my phone, checked my watch and then checked the hotel clock, and they were all the same. I just hoped that we did wake up at the right time-and we did.

By 8:05 we were pulling out of the hotel parking lot on our way to pick up our McDonalds breakfast. We just had 2 fast passes this morning so we weren’t in too much hurry to beat the crowds-we are saving that for the next few days. 

Our McDoanlds breakfast was plentiful. We ended up saving one sausage biscuit, a pancake and eggs. And you better believe that we wrapped those babies up for later. We all finishe dup our breakfast just about the time that we arrived at Epcot.

The crowds were pretty thick, but we didn’t have any problem since we were heading right to Mission Space. Whitman and I did the green version (mild) the other day, but he was anxious to ride the orange (not so tame) version. I however was not anxious at all for that so I sent him on with his brothers and sisters. Robby and I sat our and enjoyed the park-there was no crowds and the weather was pleasant. It was perfect just like we hope February will be.

Reagan was not too pleased with the ride, but the others were. She thought that it was a bit too much for her. Poor Whitman won’t have anyone to take him on that orange ride again, though I will try to take him on the green version once more.

From there, we went to pick up our passholder magnets. The kids weren’t too thrilled with standing in the line, but it moved quick and now I have 8 passholder magnets for my car. Kidding, I won’t be putting them on my car-I’ll be selling them on ebay.

Then we used our first fastpass-the kids were excited to scan their magic bands for the first real time. The ball ride was fun. I rode with Whitman, and as usual I could hear Robby telling Campbell as I was telling Whitman about the jobs that Grannymom and Nonna have that are represented in the ball.

After the ball, we had a few minutes until our next Fast Pass so some of the kids did their shopping. Campbell and Graham both bought a pair of Crocs. His were black and hers were white. Instead of round holes, they have Mickey Mouse shaped holes. They both put them on as soon as they were able and have not taken them off yet!

Then it was time to ride Test Track. Whitman was so excited to do this knowing that the others had already done it. It was a fun ride, and everyone cheered as the car that they designed showed up on the leader board. 

People were pouring into the park as we were exiting which is just kind of odd. By this time in the morning, we had already found out that our campsite was ready and had the number. We also had the number of everyone else. Traci had called and requested a loop and requested that we were all together, and it worked.

The Crafts and Heltz are across the street from us and Traci’s parents. We are all right next to each other. We are also right near the bathhouse (3 campers down) which has laundry in it! We used the bathhouse tonight to take showers because taking 8 showers at a time is much quicker than one at a time and then waiting on the hot water to heat back up. Also this campsite is near the pool, playground, Chip and Dale area and not a long drive to the marina where we will catcht the bus tomorrow. This location could not be any more perfect.

We arrived just as the Clarks (Traci’s parents) arrived. Their camper was being delivered and so was ours. Half of the Heltz were already here setting up camp, and within a bit the Crafts were on their way as well. The people that we rented the camper from were super nice. The showed us around, and we soon had the lay of the land.

Our camper has a bunk room in the back with 2 regular size bunks plus 2 that are a bit larger than normal (Keaton and Whitman are sharing one tonight.) There is a bathroom, plus a u-shaped dinette which is where Graham is sleeping now. In the back or is it the front, there is a bedroom for Robby and I.

Now, this place is nice and all, but really there could be so much more storage. I wasn’t even able to pack all of our food. Hopefully, we will eat through some of it and things will get roomier in here. 

After learning about our camper, Robby had to go pick up our golf carts. While he was gone, I unloaded everything that I could. It was like I was on a race tv show for unpacking groceries. I finished only to remember that I still had boxes to go except they were all in the car that Robby had taken. 

He delivered the golf carts-one has a Cadillac symbol on it with massive off roading tires. The others is just a plain gold carts. The boys went to work on adding the pool noodles to decorate the carts while Reagan added greenery to them. 

Robby then ran to the store with Graham. And let me just tell you-24 Lunchables just about fills up a camper’s fridge. Ha! We then started unpacking groceries along with working on our goodie bags. Since we first started talking about Disney, the girls have wanted to do goodie bags for all of their friends. It just started wtih a pair of ears, but became a huge stocking like bag full of goodies. We decided that the adults couldn’t be left out so everyone ended up with some fun things. 

They were so much fun to make, shop for and talk about. My kids could not wait to pass them out, and they were thrilled that they had their own goodie bags waiting for them as well. It was so much fun passing them out. 
Before the goodie bags were passed out, we did work on decorating the camper just a bit as well. We stood up our Santa, and once I could get him to stand up, he is pretty cute. Robby also hung some lights around the camper as well. We made this place pretty homey!

The Heltz had supper for us tonight. It was taco salad and was delicious-probably because I just brought my water and my lawnchair over and didn’t have to do anything. Did I mention that there is a basketball court just on the other side of the Crafts? So the kids spent time there and everywhere else.

The kids just had a blast this evening running around and playing with their friends. We all did load up on the golf carts for the Chip and Dale campfire sing along. First was roasted our marshmallows and made s’mores. That alone was fun.

Then a man came out and sang campfire songs with everyone. Next Chip and Dale came for everyone to take their pictures with. Next they started a movie-we did briefly lose Whitman (not really, but just couldn’t find him). We found him sitting right in the middle of the screen-cutest thing ever.

Back to the camper we all drove, though we could have easily walked. We played for a bit more-this time in the dark-until it was time for the fireworks across the water at Magic Kingdom. We were able to see them from the waterfront. The kids enjoyed watching them but they also enjoyed playing in the sand. 

After the fireworks, we stayed around to see the Electric Boat Parade….which was cancelled. No worries on that because we can probably catch it another night. This did make for a late night. So once we returned to the camper, we found our clothes and went to the showers.

This is just such a small space that man it is tight. It took Robby and I a while to get everything in a home before we settled in our spots for the evening. I am not too sure we can go full time in a rig like this-where will I put my 4 crock pots? Today was a great day-tomorrow is Magic Kingdom with friends so it should also be loads of fun!   

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