November 2, 2019-Disney Trip Day 5

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I sure slept great last night, despite Reagan and Keaton both talking in their sleep during the night. Also, I am not too sure how Keaton slept since when Robby came in our room at 7 to use the bathroom, she was sleeping on the floor.

We quickly got ourselves ready and ate breakfast in the car. I did laugh as I was pouring cereal in the middle of the parking lot. Not a gourmet breakfast, but decent enough. We missed our turn a few times going towards the parking lot.

Robby even ended up dropping us off, before heading off to try to find the parking lot. While he was getting un-lost, the rest of us walked to the Transportation and Ticket Center and jumped in the line.

I had to go through the bag check line which was a bit long-very. Then we mosied up to the Monorail and waited on Robby. It wasn’t too long before he showed up, and we joined the monorail line. Keaton has started collecting cards from the transportation people so everyone that she sees she asked if they have a card.

The park opened at 8, and we arrived a little bit after 9. Obviously, we would have liked to have been there when they opened but were still pleased with our time. We needed some rest last night and tonight’s time change should help us as well.

Our first stop was Splash Mountain. Everyone enjoyed it-Campbell talked to me the entire ride, and it is a very long ride! Then we went on Thunder Mountain. It was a lot tamer than I remembered. Whitman however left shouting that Thunder Mountain was better than Powder Keg at Silver Dollar City. Powder Keg is the crazy ride at SDC that I will not ride!

We then returned to Splash for one more go of it. This ride was a little bit shorter because there was less boats in front of us. Keaton had already spotted what she wanted to buy so we went there after the ride. 

She found a black hat with a Mickey Mouse on the front. It is a cute hat, and she really looks cute in it. She also quickly noticed that it was a Nike hat and kept telling me that her hat was “Nike.” I guess I will have 3 kids that infatuated with brand names. 

Seconds after we bought her hat, we walked by Splash Mountain and saw someone lose their hat on Splash Mountain. That was probably a good reminder for her to be careful with that new hat. 

The next ride was Pirates of the Caribbean. Everyone enjoyed it, and we decided that it would be good line to wait in when it was hot outside because the line is cool and shaded. After the ride, we walked to a nearby shaded table for a snack.

This snack was just items from my bag-oatmeal cream pies or vanilla sandwich cookies. I have quite the snack collection remaining in my bag today. My park bag is at least 15 pounds-2 water bottles, 8 ponchos, snacks, a package of tortillas (more on that later), plastic bags, everyone’s trading pins, bandaids (which we used today), our pass cards plus a ton of other things-this makes for a heavy bag but one prepared momma.

Next up was the Laugh Factory show. Campbell was not excited about going to a show. She only wanted to ride rides today and got a bit cranky about us not only doing that. During the show, Anderson’s face did pop up on the screen saying that he needed a hug. He was pretty pleased to have made the big screen. 

Our next plan was to ride the People Mover, but the line was incredibly long-long like we had never seen it before. We opted not to do that even though it is one of my favorite Disney rides. We did end up at the Carousel of Progress. It was a good spot to close my eyes for a little bit-I mean learn about history stuff. I did snooze for a few minutes, but managed to see most of it. 

Afterwards, we thought surely that the People Mover line would be shorter-it wasn’t. Strangely enough, the Astro Orbiter line was almost a walk on. That is one ride that we usually don’t even get to do because the line is always so long. The reason we were criss crossing the park today was because we didn’t have fastpasses today. Tomorrow will be our first day with fast passes, but we couldn’t even get 3 because we can’t stay at the park too long.

We were slowing down immensely by this point. We needed a pick me up-lunch. It was well after lunch time, but the crowds were still thick at Pecos Bills. Robby was super pleased that he fed the family lunch for 30 at Disney World. How you might ask? Well, he bought 4 sides of chicken, a side of beans, and a side of cheese dip (which turned out to be unnecessary.) Pecos Bills has a bar where you can then go and get things you need for your meal so we loaded up on cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, and a delish corn salsa. Plus I pulled out that bag of tortillas-I surely did! And don’t be surprised that later in the week I plan to bring buns to another place.

After we refueled, Robby ran to a guest service place to check on something. The rest of us walked to Small World. The kids were sweet; they were concerned with Robby being able to ride with us. I told them that he was fine, and we went on in the line. We had to wait about 10 minutes which wasn’t too bad. 

Then it was on to Gaston’s to “look” at the cinnamon rolls. The kids are going to get to pick a snack each day-they will have a Dennie snack credit to use. So Robby wanted to show them what a good snack would be. Of course, just looking at a “good snack” let to Robby buying one for us to sample. We devoured that baby! 

Dumbo was our next ride. The line was so short that they were not even making people play on their indoor playground. Poor Whitman really wanted to play on the playground though. He was fine when we did get on Dumbo. I do enjoy Dumbo but wish that it was still near the castle. Years ago, I can remember being on Dumbo with Reagan while watching the fireworks above the castle. It was magical. Well, I think it was Reagan-it was some Dennie kid.

We then went on the Tomorrowland Speedway. Again, who knows why the People Mover had a crazy line while the speedway had a short line. The speedway is usually a crazy hot and long line. Today, it was not. We were soon heading around the track. My big 4 all could drive themselves, Reagan took Whitman with her, Keaton was with Robby and that just left me. I offered to go with Graham, but he didn’t want for me to go with him. 

We then walked to the exit of the park and boarded the resort monorail. We went to the Polynesian for some Dole Whip. Robby bought both kinds-he liked the all pineapple the best while I liked the vanilla and pineapple better. It was all good and the scenery was gorgeous-just like Hawaii. I have always wanted to stay at the Polynesian.

Then we walked towards the car. On the way to the trams, Reagan twisted her ankle and Whitman fell and needed a bandaid. It was a pretty traumatic few minutes. When we finally did get to the tram, Keaton was able to score a few more cards for her collection.

We left around 4 or possibly 5, so we began a driving tour. First we drove by our February house-well, the neighborhood because we couldn’t get in the gate. Then we scoped out the campground for tomorrow’s fun. The kids had their ipads and were silent so we then went to Disney Springs. Robby bought a card that will give him a percent off on food at Disney (though we already know how to work the system-see above.)

Next up was the grocery store-I ran in with Robby, and we did some shopping for tomorrow. We will have to return to the store for some more cold things, but did stock up on some necessities for this week-including lots of tortillas. 

Then it was finally to the hotel. The kids started their showers while I started heating up our BBQ meat which Robby smoked at home. Supper was delicious; we ate it with pringles and cookies. 

Currently, it is 9:30 and the dryer is on it’s second cycle. We are crossing our fingers that this one dries our clothes. The kids have all showered-well, Keaton is showing now. Tomorrow will be another busy day full of new things-like staying in a camper.

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