November 27, 2019

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  • This morning was pretty nice-I was able to look at the clock saying 8 and not have to jump out of bed like a crazy woman. I have felt like the last few days I have been acting like it is already a holiday...and I love it.
  • I started to work on the house and quickly realized that I forgot to run the dishwasher last night. This squelched my progress a little bit. I had planned to work on the kitchen after the dishwasher and then get out all of my dishes for tomorrow. It took a while but soon I was back on track.
  • The kids slept most of the morning. All of my boys were up by 10, but Cash didn't stir until 11. The first time that we saw Keaton, she told us that she was only awake because Reagan had woken her up-at noon.
  • I took everyone to Third Realm around lunch time. They enjoyed jumping quite a bit-I am going to make a better effort to go a few more times next week. Robby met me and took most people home after our jumping.
  • Campbell and I headed on to the doctor. We made her an appointment because of her cough. Her cough is pretty bad, and occasionally she even acts a bit pitiful. Her ears and lungs were fine. They did do a strep test, but it was also fine. After our appointment, we picked up the rest of Anderson's medicine.
  • We did grab Campbell a Sonic drink on the way home. Her strep test earned that for her. She did just fine during it, but I would have started crying if they told me that I needed a strep test. Campbell was super relieved to see that her brothers and sisters had finished working in the yard and were inside. 
  • Robby spent the rest of the day working outside. He made a huge dent in the leaves and the yard looks really good. I served my time working in the house. We were able to get most everything ready for tomorrow-there is still corn casserole, sausage cornbread, and two fruit turkeys to make along with mopping and vacuuming. 
  • Campbell had already started the morning making her Pilgrim Hat turkeys. Whitman helped me make some BBQ crackers. And Keaton worked on her dessert this afternoon. My people were so excited to help this year-well, some of my people. Some could care less!
  • After suppers and showers, I did sneak upstairs to do some work on a Christmas puzzle that I pulled out today. My goal is to finish it by Christmas. One year we did finish our Christmas puzzle, but another year we didn't. Hopefully, we can finish it this year!

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