November 20, 2019

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  • Wednesday morning so our first activity was getting ready. Then emptying the trash cans were the next item on the agenda. I was able to empty the dishwasher before we left, but had to leave the laundry for the maid. (Kidding, I really left the laundry for Robby.)
  • Nonna and Graham were waiting on us on our way to Bible Study. We grabbed him, and the kids devoured the doughnuts that Pops had sent. Off we then went to Grannymom's house to pick up Whitman. He had loads of fun and told us all about what he did on the way to Bible study.
  • Even with all of our stops, we arrived before our buddies so the kids decided to sit in the car for a bit. Then I dropped everyone off to their rooms and changed some snack dates. The kids absolutely love bringing snack. I think that might people would bring snack every single week if possible. Campbell brought her half of the cookies that she made yesterday as her class' snack today.
  • After Bible study, Sara, Candice and I got stuck in traffic trying to get out of Immanuel's parking lot. We were there for about 10 minutes just waiting. Surprisingly, though our kids weren't the only ones left when we did arrive.
  • We all headed to the park to play for a little bit. As we drove up to the park, we were shocked to see that every single parking spot was full-the park was crazy, crazy full. It was almost comical. Half of the people were Bible study people and the other half were poor mommas of little kids who were terrified when we showed up with all of our bigs. 
  • Robby brought us pizza this afternoon for our lunch. It was pretty delicious or maybe I just starving from not having breakfast. After we played for a while, we drove to our dentist appointment. I did make the kids brush their teeth in the parking lot. I wasn't even going to make them use toothpaste, but before I knew it there was toothpaste flying and people were spitting on everything and everyone.
  • That extra bit of toothpaste didn't help our visit too much-Reagan and Campbell have cavities. Not too bad though there are a few spots in Keaton's mouth that they are watching, Urgh! So we left with 2 new appointment for the cavity girls plus 6 appointments for in 6 months along wtih 6 more appointments for the kids' visit in 12 months. So yes, I made 14 dental appointments today!
  • From there, we ran home for just long enough to empty the car, for me to bag up some clothes to donate, for everyone to practice their reports, for me to wrap a present, and for me to take a shower. At the park, I got something in my eye, and it hurt and watered all afternoon. The dentist probably thought that I was crying when he was talking about the girls cavities but it was just my silly eye watering. 
  • I had to come home and take shower which seemed to help some. I did get a new contact but it does still feel like something is in my eye. I probably scratched it with all of the rubbing that I did today. 
  • We then met Robby at church for supper. Reagan and Anderson were having their Thanksgiving feast tonight at church so they brought cookies. They had turkey, lots of side dishes (even ChickFilA mac and cheese) that the big kids brought and tons of dessert from the 7th and 8th graders. The rest of us just had baked potatoes-which were delicious. I am always reminded of college when I have baked potato. I pretty much had one every day for 4 years.
  • After church tonight, the kids played on the playground for a long while. Then it was time to head home. Some folks had a snack and some didn't. Anderson is still taking his medicine at night and is hopefully on the mend. After those snacks and medicine, it was shortly bedtime.

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