November 8, 2019-Disney Trip Day 11

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Once again it was super nice sleeping last night. We had told the kids to be quiet as long as possible. Robby did hear Graham a bit after 7, so he delivered ipads to everyone’s beds. I didn’t hear anything until Whitman came in our room at 8:30 asking to go outside. We mentioned that he could play his ipad, but he was anxious to get outside to use his bubble wand. 

Keaton was in our bed soon after that. She was asking to get her breakfast. This was kind of funny because Keaton hasn’t really cared about eating most mornings. Some mornings she has only eaten because I have insisted. Today though, since we weren’t getting breakfast out for everyone, she decided that she was hungry. 

After most had stirred and had their breakfasts, they started heading outside. It wasn’t long until they found all of their friends to play with. There were lots of golf cart drives around the loop. Robby did a load of laundry and I folded it. We also ran to the camp store to buy some more RV toilet paper...and I may have also picked up another ornament. 

We really did a lot of nothing this morning and on into the afternoon. We did get to the pool just as it started sprinkling. The kids didn’t mind and still swam for over an hour. Well, the big 3 didn’t swim but they did come down to see what all was happening. 

The pool had some activities happening-a hula hoop contest, bingo and some type of dance party. Whitman, Campbell and Keaton loved all of this. They participated in these things for almost an hour. At 3, they had kickball, and Reagan and Graham came flying in from the camper once we told them about it.

The kickballers, my big 3, Keaton, Caroline and Alyssa, were all on the same team so the score was pretty lopsided. They acted like it was no fun but I know that the loved winning the game. Then we hurried everyone on back to the camper to change clothes for tonight.

Our first stop tonight was Hollywood Studios. We walked right to the Dinosaur ride to use our FastPass there. Whitman wasn’t scared, but I know that in his picture he will look terrified. I can not wait to look at it. 

Then we ate supper at Flame Tree BBQ. We had been looking forward to this meal and it did not disappoint. We bought two orders of BBQ nachos with everything on the side plus one order of BBQ mac and cheese. We scooped the meat off of the mac and cheese plus used the meat from the nachos to make ourselves 7 BBQ sandwiches plus one set of BBQ fries. Then we all split the rest of the fries and beans. We had eaten plenty, but after the kids, who had eaten the mac and cheese, continued to rave about it-Robby went and bought one more order of it. So for 30 dollars, we fed our family supper at Disney-not too bad.

The kids all rode the Kali River Rapids. They were expecting to get soaked which is why Robby and I didn’t ride with them, but we guess that they were too light to really get splashed. They were a little wet, but not too bad. It was already chilly enough that we had to wear our jackets tonight so a little wet would be too wet for me. 

Graham really wanted to do the rapid ride again, but there just isn’t time. Whitman saw the playground at Animal Kingdom and put that right on the top of his return list. Our Everest ride was next-it is one of the best. I enjoyed riding it especially in the dark tonight.

We then walked through the Pandora section of the park to see it all lit up. I do enjoy seeing everything all lit up, but I also don’t like the dark as much. It is so hard to keep up with everyone. I am a bundle of nerves walking from place to place with the crazy crowds. I don’t plan on coming back here with a stroller until I am pushing my grandkids, but it sure was easier to keep up with the kids when they were all strapped down in a few strollers.

After seeing Pandora, we headed to the car for Disney Springs. They just put out their Christmas trees-there are at least 20 different trees. Each tree is decorated like a character would have decorated it-Snow White tree has flowers on it, Cinderella’s tree has pumpkins-it was really neat. Santa was even there, but since he had a 90 minute wait, we also decided to wait until we could go to the Bass Pro to see Santa. There is little wait for that Santa and since he knows our names, it is that much better.

On the way back to the car, a 5 minute walk took almost an hour. All the kids could do was trade pins. They are loving it. Reagan and Anderson have specific collections that they are trying to get. Campbell has some things that she is interested in. Graham is enjoying trading but hasn’t found specifically what he wants to collect. Keaton is only interested in getting pins for her others. And Whitman could care less. 

Once we were back to the car, we zoomed back to the camper. Robby dropped everyone off at the showers where we started on our showers. By this time, it was raining pretty good so he had to make a few pick ups so we could get back dry. The kids had some downtime and a drink before bed. Then it was bedtime for everyone-tomorrow is another early day.

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