November 14. 2019

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  • This was our first day back in a normal routine, and it went surprisingly well. Whitman did run through our room at 7:10. There are only two reasons that he now comes into our room in the morning time-his brothers aren't awake and he isn't sure if he is allowed to be up, so he comes into our bed or his pants are wet. Well, his tummy was a bit upset last night, so his pants were indeed wet (but not with just pee.) Bless. This caused for a shower and a sheet change/mattress scrub fairly early in the morning.
  • We started on our school work and everything went well. I have a huge pile of books that I really would love to finish by Christmas. Plus there are at least 25 at the library waiting on me. I know that I can't possibly finish them all...or can I? My schedule will have to slow down a wee bit to finish everything.
  • At noonish, we ate our lunch and even did some more reading. The highlight of the day was drawing names for the kids Christmas gifts. They were all so excited to pick their names. They have been sending me ideas for what they want. It is just making me a bit stressed-my friend says that she buys in October, wraps in November and enjoys December-man, I want to do that...but it is already too late. Part of me is afraid to do shopping for them now in case they change their minds. 
  • This afternoon I spent running around working on clearing out some of my piles from the trip. I finished a few of them, but even ended up in the attic going through bins. I should have gotten on the treadmill, but there just wasn't time. 
  • This evening I left for Refresh at church. As always, I had a good time there. Robby made supper for the kids (Disney leftovers). I made it home just in time for bedtime so it was a pretty quick evening for me.

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