November 7, 2019-Disney Trip Day 10

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Where to begin? It is kind of hard because most days so far on this trip, I have been able to sit down and blog for a bit before laying down at night. Today we were gone from 7 until 8 so there was no middle of the day blogging. 

This morning was Extra Magic Hours at Epcot, so we were stirring right at 6. The boys were already awake before then when Robby went to get in the shower. Maybe they were both excited about our day.

We left right at 7 and found a wonderful parking spot. The bag check line was fairly minimal, but the line to get in was long. The others, who left after us, still managed to beat us into the park. That was fine though because we were all stopped at the rope. Most everyone was headed to Test Track again while some of the group went to Frozen. We never made it to Frozen, but it is still on my list for later.

We jumped in the Test Track line which moved fairly quickly. The kids loved it so much that we sent them on through the single rider line. Reagan opted to take Whitman to the ball ride which seems to be one of his favorite rides. He loves the part at the end where you design “your future world.” 

The others all went on Mission Space while Reagan then took Whitman to Soaring. We met back up with everyone at the ball ride for one more go of it. Then we mosied on over towards Soaring where our first FastPasses began.

Everyone was able to ride together. Robby and I enjoyed watching Maia on the ride. It was her first time on the ride-she might have been a bit scared, but having Reagan and Alyssa there talking her through it helped. It was also fun watching those girls take care of their little buddy.

And speaking of kids, the waitress tonight mentioned how polite the kids were, but time and time again we have seen that ourselves. Campbell had tried her hardest to entertain Gabriel and even push his stroller to help out. The big boys have given up seats, held doors open and helped people in and out of rides. Reagan has made sure all of the little girls are with us and entertained them. Couldn’t be prouder of my kiddos.

After Soaring, we sat and ate our lunches. It was early to pull out lunchables, but we had eaten breakfast early, plus we would have an early supper. Then we went to the Nemo ride. We have been to the parks that during the day, Nemo was only 5 minutes or so-not today. The line was near an hour-good thing for our FastPasses where we didn’t have to wait.

The kids all enjoyed going through the aquarium afterwards, and we had time to kill before our Turtle Talk with Crush. During that show, Crush did talk to Whitman and to Robby. The same thing has happened before-Crush talking to one of our kids and then Robby. Everyone got a big kick out of that.

When we finished Turtle Talk, we headed towards the countries. We didn’t have too long before we had to begin making our way to our 3:30 supper. (Disney dining-you just take the time you can get.) We breezed through Canada even though I do want to come back and watch the movie.

Then we saw Winnie the Pooh in the UK. The kids played in the maze in the back which they do every time we come here. It is a such a peaceful and shaded spot. After we left that area, we were quickly reminded that November in Florida is not like November at home. It was hot and sunny-very, sunny.

We walked through the next few countries-we even looked around in France. Robby toyed with the idea of buying a baguette but couldn’t easily find one. By now, the countries were really, really hot so we started trucking through them towards the boat back to the front of the ball.

We happily made it to the boat to find out that they weren’t floating right then. Eeek! So what did we do? We drug the kids around the world-literally. Well, the only kid we were really dragging was Whitman. By this time, he was hot, exhausted, and the most grumpy that he has been on this trip. I kept digging candy out of my bag to keep him going.

Since our supper was at the Polynesian Resort, we did have quite a ways to travel and needed to move swiftly, and that we did. We hauled! By the time we made it to the monorail, I was soaking wet with sweat. Of course my back where my backpack hangs was drenched, but so was everything else that I had on.

We then rode the monorail for one stop to get to the resort. Traci and I checked in, and despite my many calls they didn’t give us much hope to be sitting together or even near each other. Imagine our surprise, when we were called to our table after the Crafts and were directed to their table-they had plenty of room for all of us. It worked out wonderfully well, actually couldn’t have been better.

Our O’hana meal started out with salad, then dumplings, lo mein noodles (my kids favorite), chicken wings, then lots of meat on a stick-chicken, steak and shrimp. I probably should have picked up a menu or something so I could have listed the actual names of the food so they would sound more appealing. I’ll do better next time-though with Disney prices, the next time that we can eat out is in 2025.

The meal was really good-I had never tried a dumpling, but it was sure yummy. They also said that they are called potstickers. I have heard of that, but also have never had those. I urged the kids to all try something new, but most of them were sitting pretty far away from me so I am not too sure that happened. I even tried the bread pudding-not for me. The waitress did bring a plate of rice krispy treats to supplement the kids dessert since they didn’t touch much of their bread pudding.

After we ate, since we were still wearing our leis from dinner, we stayed in the Hawaiin mode and walked to the back of the Polynesian. All of my kids but Campbell stayed and played cornhole while the others went to look at the water and beach area. It is a pretty area, and it is on my bucket list to stay at that resort.

Then it was two monorails to get back to Epcot. They were all full which made for some pretty long rides. I am not sure where all of these people have come from, but I hope that they stay home the next time I am at Disney. 

Our evening plans bounced around a lot-we couldn’t really decide that we wanted to do. We did end up just taking it kind of easy. We went to Mexico with the crafts to ride the Donald boat ride. Then Whitman used his “gift card” (though he really didn’t have one) to buy a bubble light up wand. Reagan used her gift card and some money to buy a sweatshirt. Now everyone had bought something except for Anderson.

We pulled out the 1 liter that Robby had been lugging around all day to have ourselves a little drink before we headed back to the camper. It didn’t take long for us to arrive back at the camper. Everyone else was still out so we had some downtime before bed. Graham and Keaton fell asleep before we even turned the lights out, and everyone but Reagan were asleep minutes after we turned the lights out.

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