November 12, 2019-Disney Trip Day 15

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I do think that this was the best hotel bed yet-or maybe we were just tired. Whitman laid his head own last night and was asleep in just seconds. He was one tired little boy. Anderson continues to cough, but thankfully he didn’t really cough any last night so maybe he is on the mend.

Our alarm went off around 6:45, and soon everyone was stirring around-well, most everyone. Campbell was moving pretty slowly; she must still be quite tired! As soon as we were ready, we went down to load the car. I was behind everyone else and wondered why they were all still standing in the hotel hallway. 

As soon as I went out to help Robby, I quickly found out-it was freezing! Graham was trying to help but was shivering to much, and Reagan was digging in the laundry bag to find her only pair of pants. When the cart was empty, I couldn’t even touch the poles because they were icy cold!

We warmed up inside eating our breakfast. This hotel was the winner-a bagel and flavored cream cheese! My favorite breakfast yet. I actually would have eaten anything that was warm because I was still chilly from loading the car. 

In the car, we turned on a movie and headed on our way. Robby said that it was so cold, that he was just going back to Florida. Unfortunately, we did have to head back towards home and fought the wind much of the morning. 

I drove a bit of the way, and the wind was definitely something. It was a two hands on the steering wheel drive. When I wasn’t driving, I was trying to work on the kids’ Christmas lists. That is coming up all too soon. 

We stopped a few times for the bathroom and a stop at McDonalds for lunch. There wasn’t much exciting happening in the car-just lots of movie watching. Just as we always do on a trip-we didn’t take any pictures on our journey home. 

We made it home by 3ish and went right to work. Before too long, we were fairly settled with most clothes in the wash (though I didn’t realize that the kids had a load and a half upstairs waiting to surprise me.) It was a shock to our systems having to unload the car in the cold temps. However, the warm house that we came home to was sure nice.

Shannon had supper for us plus she had a big bag of clothes for the boys, so it was a nice end to our vacation getting to hang out with our framily before we journey back in the real world tomorrow.

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