November 19, 2019

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  • Another school day around here. I did wake up about 5 minutes earlier which did help with the smoothness of our morning. I do think though that I might just need to wake up more than 5 minutes earlier for things to be perfectly smooth.
  • Most of the kids had their breakfasts in my room before I had even sat down. I was pouring Whitman some milk-he thinks he can do this himself, but I do disagree since milk is pretty messy to clean. 
  • We did our work together. Then I worked with Graham. He was ready to get everything marked off of his list so he could tell Pops that he was ready. Keaton and Campbell had worked on some of their work last night so they were finished right after Graham.
  • The girls made muffins for their breakfast-of course this breakfast wasn't really finished until almost 11. About this time, Nonna and Pops came over to pick up Graham. The rest of us worked on finishing school. 
  • Around 1, Grannymom came over to take Reagan out for some driving practice. They drove around the church parking lot a few times. Grannymom did say that Reagan is improving, and she has more confidence. Though I still think that it is going to take a few more lessons!
  • Grannymom did say that Whitman could spend the night at her house tonight if he finished his school. By this time, he only had his math left. Now, this made him pretty anxious. He even asked me if I would let him go if he had just a few problems left. I had him do 5 problems, then do something else and then return for more problems over and over. He was so happy when he was finally finished-and so was I.
  • Campbell and Anderson both needed to take cookies tomorrow (Campbell to CBS and Anderson to tomorrow night's church). They made a double batch of Snickerdoodles. They did great working together. Though Anderson was not going to crack the eggs at all. He had Whitman and Keaton do them for him.
  • We went to Third Realm after the cookies were finished. We took some Heltz with us well. Graham showed up to jump with us and Reagan came back from her lesson while Whitman left wtih Grannymom. It was a bit like musical kids!
  • Once we came home, it wasn't long until we left again. We left Reagan and Anderson making chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes for their supper. Robby and I got gas for our cars and then we headed our own ways. I went off to Walmart and then Bunko while he took Keaton to her basketball practice. He also had to help coach tonight!
  • When I made it home, the kids had a bit more time before it was finally bedtime. It looks like tomorrow will be another busy day.

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