November 30, 2019

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  • No one was in too much of a hurry to get moving this morning. The only thing on my list that I really wanted to do today was finish my Christmas puzzle. Yes, I have been a bit obsessed with it. Ideally, everyone would enjoy helping but they don't really care, so I have just made time to work on it the past few days. And yep, today I finished it. It was fairly easy-a tray of brightly decorated cookies.
  • We had to scurry around the house this morning to meet all of our buddies at Third Realm at 10:30. They jumped without asking to go for almost an hour-a Christmas miracle. Usually someone is always ready to go. Seriously, they had lots of friends there and enjoyed jumping.
  • When we all left, I headed to run a few errands while Robby took everyone home. I hit up Walmart, Dollar Tree, Academy, Bath and Body, Kroger and Lowes. I probably should have gone in Michaels, and I even forgot to pick up one thing from Kroger-but my Christmas shopping list is dwindling....well, it is a bit. 
  • This afternoon, Anderson and Graham worked really hard raking up a bike trail in the yard. The kids do this every year, and Whitman has been super excited about it. Robby aired up all of the bikes, and soon they were all (well, almost all) riding the trail on their bikes. 
  • I was pretty determined that today was going to be the day that Whitman rode his bike...but nope, today was not the day. And I can also tell you that tomorrow won't be either. The boy is no where close. He just doesn't get the pedalling concept-never has. Hopefully, he can figure out that and how to tie his shoes before college.
  • I pulled out school for the rest of the 2019 tonight. That was quite a challange-well, not really since we are going to be gone a good bit. The kids are starting to finish up a few things. We still have plenty left to do, but finishing a book here or there does help lighten their load. 
  • Almost everyone now has moved to their next math book. We are about a half of a year ahead so that means that they all change books around Christmas time. It seems that every time I pull out schoo, I have to go to the attic to gather someone's new math book. I know that is a good problem to have.
  • We heated up enough leftovers for supper tonight. Maybe next week we will have a real meal around here. I guess I will need to start making a grocery list or two. After our supper, we all gathered in the living room to watch the new Lady and Tramp movie. It was pretty good, but Anderson was sour through it that he wasn't getting to play his ipad. 
  • He did have a few minutes of ipad time right before bedtime. Then it was time for the crew to head to bed-much, much too late. 

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