November 21, 2019

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  • I have pretty much been gone all day long so I am not too sure that I have much information for the blog. I knew that we were leaving early this morning, so we skipped our work together and their working with me-the kids were thrilled with this.
  • They still had all of their other work to do so there was plenty left. Reagan and I figured out how to graph circles and ellipses this morning-not that either of us will ever need that information. I never ever remember doing that in school. Both of the boys finished their math before we left which helped quite a bit.
  • The Wilsons, Robby and I headed to Morilton to eat lunch today. We ate at Elias; it was super delicious. I could have made a meal on the chips and salsa. However, I had a chicken and avacado roll up along with a turtle pie.
  • We hurried home because we all had real work to do as well. Robby's afternoon was full of meetings. When I came home, I sat with Whitman who was working on the same page as when I left. Gracious, I have no idea what to do. We quickly knocked out all but two of his pages. He just needs someone to sit by him and point to the next problem.
  • It wasn't too long before I left the house again for my volunteering in Benton. I fought the rain the entire time there-it wasn't bad, but had to deal with that silly rain for the rest of the day. The kids worked on my second set of chores that I left for them. 
  • I returned just long enough to pick up a few kids (Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton) and head to basketball pracie. I dropped off Cambpell for her practice and Keaton to watch. Then I took the boys to the dollar store and quickly hurried back for their practice.
  • Sara brought the girls home while the boys did their practice. I ran to Pennys to pick up a present and made it back to watch the end of the boys' practice. We came home and ate supper that Robby had cooking. Then there was quite a few RV shows that we watched before straightening the house before bedtime.

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