November 22, 2019

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  • The first thing that we did this morning was our together reading. We haven't been too consistent on this lately, so I feel like I am scrambling to finish things-yes, I do know that it is still November and not yet May. 
  • After we worked together, I sent everyone make their beds, get ready and then practice their reports once again. It wasn't too much longer before our buddies started arriving for our homeschool day.
  • The kids' reports today were all about "how tos." Reagan explained how to shuffle cards, Anderson showed how to make snickerdoodles, Graham demonstrated how to make a paper popper, Cambpell made a fabric pumpkin, Keaton showed ow to make slime, and Whitman made ice cream in a baggie.
  • Even though it was raining today, the kids weren't too crazy in the house. I guess that they are starting to get a little bit bigger. Things were fairly calm, and the house wasn't destroyed so overall it was a pretty great day!
  • After everyone left today, we quickly cleaned the house. Robby had an adventure in the yard-he backed the car up a little bit too far up...and got stuck. Tony had some rope so they were able to pull it out. It took all Robby's car had to pull that van out of the mud. Once the car was out, Robby worked until he was pretty wet getting the ruts out of the yard.
  • We watched a short film and I may or may not have had a short nap, then it was time to load up for the McGuires. We had a delicious supper over there. Amber's dessert was a carmelly brownie thing which was wonderful. The kids had fun playing, and Whitman even did a bit of hoverboarding.
  • When we came home, it was time for bed for the kids and a Christmas movie for me! 

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