November 28, 2019-Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Robby and I stayed in bed as long as we could this morning. I did even wake up a bit before my alarm clock went off-I knew that we already had more to do than time! There was laundry, dishes and passing out lots of medicine to my sick people.
  • As Robby was cleaning the kitchen floor, he suggested that we get Reagan up soom. I told him that I had seen her already-awake and dressed-it must be a holiday. Folks started arriving, and I quickly realized that I needed a double oven. We did have the toaster oven so that did help a bit. Though that takes up quite a bit of counter space so we had to store it in the school room until it cooled off.
  • Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and today did not disappoint. Les and his crew were here along with all of our other family. The kids were so happy to have all of their cousins here today. 
  • After we stuffed our faces, Campbell showed all the ladies how to make a toilet paper pumpkin. She was pretty proud of her craft, and they certainly turned out cute. The boys were anxiously waiting for us to finish because they wanted to play Spoons. We played a few rounds of spoons-it came down to Reagan and Graham, and much to Reagan's dismay her brother beat her.
  • Everyone had a few supper snacks, and then they all packed up and headed home. Jason and Anderson worked on a lego set-it was pretty massive but took no time at all for them. 
  • Soon our house was empty again, Keaton even went to Grannymom's house for the night. I worked on my puzzle for a little bit, and then we settled in to watch the Disney holiday special.

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