November 5, 2019-Disney Trip Day 8

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Another good night of camper sleeping until my alarm rang. The bed isn’t that big so I immediately knew that Robby was gone. I assumed correctly that he was at the showers taking a shower. He said that last night before bed he had planned so carefully and had everything ready for himself when he got down there. At least he thought that he had planned well, he had to come back for a towel!

The kids woke up very well this morning, and all began eating their breakfast. This morning choices were a sausage biscuit bowl, yogurt and granola, sausage pancakes on a stick, poptarts and a pancake. It is just about like a hotel breakfast up in our camper. Robby did say that we brought the right amount of stuff, but I reminded him about our plethora of food. It is all things that we can bring home, so it’s all good.

We pulled out for Hollywood Studios right at 8 this morning. It didn’t take long for us to arrive at the gate. Our parking would have been perfect-we were on the perfect row, but we were about a mile the wrong way down that perfect row!

We were there before the park opened and stood for a few minutes. The sun was hot, and the day would have been miserable if the afternoon clouds did not show up. We and about a hundred thousand of our closest friends all shuffled through the park, through Galaxy’s Edge and to Smuggler’s Run, the new Star Wars ride, when the park opened. 

It was a wild because there were so, so many folks. It got a bit warm there for a minute when ever we would stop in the sun. Whitman would just sit down wherever we stopped-he started off the day exhausted. The other night we used the fast pass queue so the line wasn’t too themed, but today the whole waiting area which was massive was incredibly themed. 

Of course all of the theming meant nothing to me since I haven’t seen the movies. Anderson and Graham were soaking it all in and taking pictures of everything that they saw. Within 40 minutes after the park opened, we were off the ride so the wait wasn’t too incredibly long.

I was on the ride with Alyssa and Reagan as the pilots, one of them had no idea what they were doing. Campbell and I were the gunners and Sophia and Keaton were the engineers. The other night when I rode on the ride, it was incredibly smooth like flying easily through space. Today was not like that at all. We jerked and bumped and crashed, and while all of this was happening the girls squealed and screamed and hooted and hollered. It was so entertaining.

As soon as we left the ride and joined the others, I realized that I didn’t have my phone. I tried to blame the boys, but they didn’t have it either. I am probably the one who did leave it though-when I sit down it falls out of my pockets. I went to the front to ask about it, and they were already bringing it to the front. Right as we were leaving there, they noticed that Charlotte had lost her Magic Band. They dealt with that as we walked on.

We ran into some more of our buddies in the new Toy Story area. It was fun, and hopefully we will be able to do all of the rides over there. But we were headed to our first FastPass-Rock N Roller Coaster.

The hope had been that Whitman would be tall enough to do it. We had steadily been tracking his height at home. He had even been doing stretches. However, it was all in vain-he just wasn’t tall enough yet. Thankfully, Whitman is so easy going that he didn’t really care at all. 

We did a child swap which basically meant that I could go again later with him, plus take two other kids with me. That worked out well for Reagan and Anderson who went the second time with me. 

The others all went with Robby on the ride while Whitman and I had a snack. He didn’t really seem to care that he couldn’t ride, just was happy eating his candy. We were even sitting in the sun at one point and I tried to get him to move, but he said he didn’t want to.

When they returned, it was time for me to ride that ride. I didn’t want to, but since we were at Disney after all, I had to. Reagan and Anderson rode with me-I sat by Anderson and tried not to grab his leg as we shot off. I do not like the shooting off part of the ride. After that, I am fine but the ride is just not really for me.

When the ride was over, we met up with the others at Indiana Jones Stuntshow. We weren’t too crowded and watching Whitman jump and gasp was worth it. Everyone had another FastPass together at StarTours. It is quite entertaining watching people gasp when we say that there are 21 in our party. We quickly found our seats and set down for the ride.

I think that most everyone liked it. It is a simulator which Robby usually doesn’t do too good on. I think that he got a bit hot on the ride today but bounced back just fine. From there, we went to eat our lunch. Reagan wasn’t too hungry because she had used her Dennie snack credit to buy a Starbucks drink.

Robby bought a drink and fries which we devoured in no time flat. The kids ate their lunchables while Robby and I had our cheese, sausage and crackers. We stayed there and cooled off enjoying our refillable cokes for a while.

Then we hauled it back to the other side of the park for our Tower of Terror FastPasses. Campbell had already decided that she was scared of this ride, and before we even put on our seatbelts she was tearing up. Gracious me! I talked to her through the whole ride telling her what would be next, but that just didn’t help at all. She was crying as loud as Maia did during Star Tours. 

After TOT, as Whitman calls it, Graham was able to use my Magic Band from earlier since I had the child swap because we couldn’t take Whitman on the first go around. He loved his second ride. Meanwhile, everyone else started cashing in on their snacks. Anderson and Campbell bought ice cream and ate it while waiting on Graham. Robby then jumped back in the line to buy ice cream for Graham-he didn’t want to buy it too early where it would be melted. 

Keaton and Whitman chose cotton candy for their snack. We took a few pictures on the main street area before Robby bought our snack. We bought a s’more covered brownie-Doesn’t that sound big? Nope, remember the Where’s the Beef commercials? That is how I felt when Robby handed me my half of the dessert. Kind of made me sad. I am going to google “biggest snacks in Disney” when I have a minute.

I did buy my first Christmas ornament of the trip-and forgot to ask for my passholder discount. Ugh! From there, we headed to the car, and just as we arrived at the car Reagan realized that she didn’t have the spare phone, yep, that was our second phone to lose today!

She quickly realized that she had just left it in the bathroom after we left the park. We then ran back down the long, long parking lot to that bathroom. Her phone was there and all was well, but I was exhausted after that long haul.

We joined the others in the cool car and headed back to the campsite. The kids played volleyball, drove the golf carts while Whitman made a stink bomb by filling a bag full of stinky leaves. It was nearly 5, when we finished playing (and I had finished working on the blog-first round), and we started on our supper. 

Tonight’s supper was chicken roll ups which is a Dennie family travel favorite. They were easy to make since the chicken was already cooked. We heated up the panini and had ourselves a yummy meal. As soon as we were finished, we loaded back up for Hollywood Studios. 

It was nearly 6 when we left the campground. Robby and Graham dropped us off there and went to Epcot to park since that is where we would be tonight. Their plan was to walk through the park and easily ride the new SkyLiner to Epcot. Things don’t always go as planned! Ha!

By the time they made it to the back of Epcot, it was raining on them-also lightening so no SkyLiner and no boat. They debated what to do. And yes, here is where I should mention that we opted not to bring our bag tonight, the bag with the ponchos. Robby didn’t really realize that he had big and little ponchos in the car. He did however look to see about bringing an umbrella but opted not to.

Meanwhile, the rest of us where at Hollywood Studio when the rain started. We quickly found shelter and decided what to do. Our first stop was Tower of Terror. My plan was to sit with Campbell and Whitman and wait on Keaton, Reagan and Anderson. Though Campbell headed off with the others to ride the ride so I quickly convinced Whitman to ride it. They both rode it this time and absolutely loved it-I am so glad that they tried it again.

About this time, Robby and Graham decided to walk the short .7 mile hike to Hollywood to catch up with us. The walk was pretty Robby said, and it was only misting on them. However, when they made it to Hollywood, it started pouring. 

Robby and Graham caught up to us while we were meeting Chewbacca. That was all inside so we stayed there as long as we could for him to dry off. We also met that little round Star Wars robot thing along with Darth Vadar.

By this time, we walked towards our next FastPass. First we did stop at the twirling alien things. Robby did drop his phone on that ride-we really shouldn’t even be allowed to have phones on this trip. It fell in the car, and they quickly scooped it up. This was a good ride for Robby to help dry his shirt.

On the Toy Story Mania ride, we all held tightly to our phones. It was a really fun ride. Anderson did beat me by a few thousand points, but everyone enjoyed it-except our arms were really tired. Maybe we need to start doing arm exercises for when we come back.

Then it was on to the new Slinky Dog ride. The rain had caused it to stop, but by this point it had stopped, and the ride was running again. It was a really fun ride, and I am glad that we will be able to do it again. I think that the whole area was much more fun to see at nighttime. 

We did close that park up riding Slinky Dog, however, we weren’t done yet. We met up with Traci, Abigail, Candice, Alyssa and Caroline and headed off to Epcot. They were having Extra Magic Hours until 11. The boats looked full so we caught a bus. Keaton was thrilled with this because she got herself some more transportation cards. 

We arrived there about 9:45 which left us little time left to play. The single ride line at Test Track was only 10 minutes so we jumped in it...however, it wasn’t really 10 minutes. We ended up waiting in the line for the rest of the evening. We did finish the line about 3 minutes before the park closed at 11. The kids hurried to try to make it to Star Tours (or whatever that ride is called), but they did not. 

We then had to wait a few minutes on Robby and Whitman. Since Whitman couldn’t do the single rider line for Test Track, they went to the ball ride. Whitman had been asking about going back on the ball all day long. He was perfectly pleased. Then they were able to get on Soarin right before the park closed and sit on the front row.

Everyone piled into my car on the way home. It was well after 11 when we made it home and nearly midnight when the kids went to sleep. Robby and I were up much later blogging, working and getting things ready for in the morning. It was another good, exhausting Disney day-maybe tomorrow will be slower.

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