November 6, 2019-Disney Trip Day 9

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Once again I never woke up last night, and when I went into the kitchen and looked and Keaton and Whitman, they were still sound asleep. All of these miles that we are walking must be tough on their little legs and feet. I know that my feet our super sore.

We jumped in the car and headed to Animal Kingdom. Today was our first time this trip to go to this park. As we were walking into it, Whitman asked if he had ever been here. He knew it looked different than the others. Animal Kingdom used to be my favorite park; I still enjoy it, but it isn’t my favorite anymore. Though I don’t know exactly which one is my favorite now.

We walked a good ways in Animal Kingdom before finding the spot that we needed to rope drop for the Safari. Most everyone was rope dropping the new(ish) Pandora ride. Once the park opened we shuffled to the Safari ride.

It didn’t take long at all for us to be on the ride. The animals were super active on the ride. We were all focused on them and didn’t even notice that the kids had stuff, dirt probably, all over the hands from whenever they put their hands on the outside of the vehicle. I had wipes in my bag so we were soon focused on the animals again.

We then went to our Tusker House breakfast. We had reservations at 9:40, and the others had theirs a bit later. We were almost finished but they did end up sitting right by us which was super fun. 

The characters were at our table almost as soon as we sat back down with our food. Cambpell already had her autograph book out so she was ready. There was Mickey first, then Donald, Daisy and Goofy. No matter how old you are, it is always fun when they come to your table.

We ate our fill at breakfast-my favorite was the chocolate chip croissants. Whitman ate at least a dozen doughnuts. Anderson agreed that the doughnuts were delicious. We stayed for a good while before leaving to further explore Animal Kingdom.

Oh, and yes, I did have a ziplock baggie with me. I put two Mickey Waffles in there for a snack for later! Ha! Now, what would have really been good would have been if they had cheese-then I could have loaded up with some ham and cheese croissants for later. We ate so much breakfast that we didn’t need lunch of any kind this afternoon, and we barely ate supper.

The next stop was Mt. Everest. The single ride line was short so we went everyone but Whitman on. It was warm by now so we sat in the shade waiting on the others to come. Then it was time to use our FastPasses for that ride. I heard that Whitman loved it. I had forgotten that it is really a pretty good roller coaster-especially, the part in the dark. I kept asking Graham if we had gone over the big drop yet-I guess I missed it. I also missed the Yeti-I saw his shadow but not him. 

The next stop was dinosaur land. We rode the Triceratops Spin which is a fun little ride. Then it was on to the Dinosaur ride. Poor Whitman looked terrified on the ride. I think that he actually did enjoy it, but his picture sure doesn’t look like it. 

Everytime we take a break or even walk down a path, my kids are asking me to find their pins. They are all (except for Whitman) into pin trading. Anderson and Graham are collecting Star Wars. Keaton is collecting Mickey and Minnie. Reagan is gathering one type of cartoony princesses. I have forgotten what Campbell is doing, and Whitman could really care less. They have so much fun doing it, that I feel certain that they will get some more pins for Christmas.

Our next stop was the show It’s Tough to Be a Bug. I am sure that the show it exactly the same as it has been years past, but things sure seemed new to me. It is really one of my favorites shows here at the parks.  

When the show was over, we met up with all of our people for the Lion King show. This show is one of Robby’s favorite shows. Whitman sat in my lap and loved every minute of it-and I put my head up against his and closed my eyes for a little bit. Seriously, this Disney World stuff is exhausting.

The kids then tried to do the Kali River Rapids. The jumped in the line when the wait was 45 minutes which wasn’t too bad. However, the time on the sign and ap quickly shot up to 70 minutes. That is just a bit too long to wait, so they came out of the line. Now, this made some of them not too pleased, but we did offer to come back to Animal Kingdom another day.

Somewhere at this point of the day, the kids claimed their snacks for the day. There were lemonade slushes, dole whip floats, a mickey ice cream bar and even a Starbucks drink. We are living it up!

Also at one point today, two ladies came up to me and asked if I had bought my shirt on this trip. I smiled and said that I made it. They told me that I could sell it! Ha! That was so incredibly fun. I should have given them my email and offered to make one for them. 

The weather was looking dicey so we hurried over to the Pandora land to use our last FastPass of the day. Again, I have not seen the Avatar movie so I am sure if I had seen the movie then I would be even more impressed. The land is beautiful and one person walking by me said that it was really neat all lit up. Maybe we will have to come back to see it at night.

Now, let’s talk about the Avatar ride. It was pretty spectacular. It was more intense than Soaring but pretty much the same concept. Really, it is much more intense. The kids all came off saying that it was one of the best rides here. I might even have to agree with that. 

We then hightailed it to the car. It started raining on our way and sprinkled on us pretty good. We did ride the tram just to get out of the car, even though we could see the car! By the time we made it back, the rain had let up, but it was still dark and cloudy.

It was just perfect for a snooze. Robby ran to the office and put in our laundry. I rested (about 20 minutes) until the kids asked to go to the campfire again. I loaded up stuff for our s’mores and off we went. They again ate their weight in s’mores. After Chip and Dale left, they started a movie. Whitman was really into it so we were surprised when he was agreeable to go back for a shower. 

Soon everyone had taken turns in the showers down the road. There just would be no way to quickly shower everyone here. And that water pressure is laughable in this rig! When everyone was clean, we ate some supper. Since we were still full from breakfast, we just pulled out leftovers tonight. 

Then it was time to dig into the ice cream that Robby and Graham bought. The freezer isn’t that great so the ice cream was more like soft serve. It was still delicious, and we just about finished off a container of Blue Bell. 

We called it an early night tonight because tomorrow is going to be an early morning!

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