November 15, 2019

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  • Winter mornings are not my favorite. I know that it isn't officially winter, but we are running our heat and that makes it winter. I love the lights, the dreariness and even the chill of winter, but I do not love the heat. In the morning, the heat blows right on me-I wake up sweating every morning. It is just dreadful. I could normally stay in bed longer, but in the winter I have to get out of bed because I feel like I am about to burn up. Ok, enough complaining!
  • School went well-ish today. We skipped our first bit of working together. This usually lasts about an hour, but we were leaving at 10:30 so I needed everyone to have time to finish. Skipping our work together did help, but still not everyone was done.
  • We went to the Nothing Bundt Cakes store because they were giving away free mini bundt cakes this morning. That was fun! We ate our cakes as soon as we sat down in the car. Then we continued the fun with a trip to Trader Joes. Today we bought orange chicken, fried rice, and dumplings. I can not wait to try to dumplings.
  • We came home for about 10 minutes before Campbell, Keaton and I left again. We met up with Nonna and Pops and they drove us to Des Arc for the Christmas sale. Now, last year I did buy a few things-even my blanket ladder. This year I didn't find anything that I couldn't live without. Honestly, things just seemed to be very expensive-and what wasn't expensive I just didn't need.
  • We still had fun though so it was still worth our time. When we arrived back, we met up with the others at Third Realm for a little bit of jumping time. The kids enjoyed dodgeball and weren't ready to leave.
  • We had to leave though because the boys had basketball tonight. It has been a few weeks since they have had the opportunity to go so I think that they were excited about going. I worked on school work and a bit of Christmas work. 
  • When the boys came home, I had supper ready for everyone. I kept making chicken roll ups until I ran out of chicken so we will even have a few extra for tomorrow. Robby worked on the tires for the cars-they all seem to need more air. 
  • Our evening was fairly uneventful-pouring medicine for Anderson (who does seem to be on the mend-though I think some of his medicine is making him a bit wild...or maybe he is just starting to feel better.)

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