November 10, 2019-Disney Trip Day 13

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I really have no idea what we did this morning. That was so, so long ago and so, so many steps ago. Let’s see-yes, when I woke up this morning, Robby was gone or leaving. He had to return the golf carts which wasn’t that easy. First he had to meet a man to get his truck and trailer, and then he had to drive back to the campground to load up the carts. Finally, he delivered the carts and met us at Magic Kingdom.

When I woke up, I hurried around getting everyone ready and making their breakfasts. When I say “making breakfasts,” I really mean more like pouring their cereal and heating up their poptarts. 

Casey took us to the boat dock this morning. Robby could have picked us up this morning and brought us to the Magic Kingdom, but to avoid the huge bag check line we decided to ride the boat. The line for the boat was crazy long, and Graham was doubting if we should try to catch another boat. However, we were all able to fit on the boat, and off we went.

The bag check line was minimal there. Then we had to decide where we were going to go for our first ride of the day-Space Mountain or Thunder Mountain. We checked our FastPasses, and they would take us the Space, so we opted for Thunder.

We were near the front when they opened the park, but after following the kids down all of the least common paths, we were in the front of the line. We rode once, met up with Robby and rode Splash Mountain. Anderson and Keaton opted to stay behind on that ride. I think that they were worried about getting wet, but surprisingly, we didn’t get wet at all today.

After Splash, we walked over to ride the Teacups. Then we jumped in the Dumbo line. Not so much so we could ride Dumbo, but because Whitman really wanted to play on the playground. We weren’t near the playground yet when the Crafts text saying that they were ready to ride Seven Dwarfs.

By the time we all met up, the ride was shut down! That was fine though because we went to the Mermaid ride to fill up our time. The line was fairly long, but the kids all had fun in the line-it did help that I passed out some candy at the end.

Then it was Seven Dwarfs-that is a fun little roller coaster. I had forgotten about it, and as always the theming at Disney is just amazing. After the Dwarfs, we had some of our snacks-a cinnamon roll for Robby and me, a cinnamon roll for Graham, and tater tot mac and cheese for Keaton and Reagan. 

By this time, we had to hurry to our Space Mountain FastPass. We rode that and then fought the crazy crowds all across the park. Campbell, Whitman and I stopped to replace Campbell’s Magic Band-it was kind of coming apart. Then we had to find the others who had just found tables and gotten their food at Pecos Bills.

Yes, we brought in even more tortillas today. Robby didn’t get the chips and cheese dip today and only bought a side of cheese dip-even more economical. It was an awesome meal which hit the spot. We finished off a package of 20 tortillas!

Then we rode our Pirates before meeting the Crafts as they were walking out. They stopped to shop, and we headed on to the campsite. It is kind of sad since all of the buddies pulled out today. We also don’t have our golf carts anymore either. 

We spent a good deal of the afternoon packing up. And yes, I do have tons of room in the car this time. I could buy some more things! We did take the 3 littles to the pool briefly. This was the first time that we have been to the pool that it wasn’t raining. I will say that the pool was crazy crowded though-just like everything the past few days.

We made spaghetti for supper. It was delicious-we had cooked the meat at home, boiled the noodles here and made some cheese bread in the microwave. After we ate, we loaded up for Hollywood Studios.

Once we arrived there, we rode the SkyLiner to Epcot. Then we walked through some of the countries. We didn’t get too very far before we stopped-at France Campbell and Whitman had some ice cream. Robby bought an ice cream sandwich macaron, and a bit later I bought a baguette. We did a pretty good job of exploring France tonight and can mark that country off of our list.

After France, we made our way down by all of the other countries. We would stop to look at their food and read a few menus. In Mexico, the last country, we rode the Three Caballeros ride again. 

Then we went back to Norway. A bit earlier, the Frozen wait had been 40 minutes, but on our walk back, it became 15. We jumped in the line and were soon riding the ride. It was a really great little ride. The technology is pretty amazing on the ride. I think that it might just be one I would really like to do again.

We walked right out of the ride to see the fireworks. They were pretty cool-one part had boats pulling these kite like fireworks. I had never seen anything like it at all. We didn’t stick around to watch the fireworks because we were trying to get to the SkyLiner before the crowds.

We didn’t make it because the fireworks ended before we made it. We didn’t have to wait too long on both of the SkyLiner rides. We were soon back in the parking lot spotting our car. Back at the camper, we had time for a little snack before it was lights out for the kids. 

The car is pretty much packed and ready to go. We just have to load our bags and double and triple check this camper. Then we had some Magic Kingdom time followed by the beginning of our drive home. 

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