November 29, 2019

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  • I can say that we really haven't done much all day long. Well, Robby and I have done more than the kids which means that have not done anything! 
  • Now, the last few days, Whitman has started playing more with toys and doing more art. This is great and all...except the more he does this, the bigger the messes that he makes. I am about to lose my mind walking around picking up after him. It is like he is 6 years old!
  • I did sneak out of bed this morning to go upstairs and work on my Christmas puzzle. Sometimes I get things stuck in my head and much finish them-like this puzzle. I think I might be able to finish it by the time we leave for our next trip..speaking of that trip, I probably should start thinking about packing.
  • I did put up my kitchen Christmas tree. We even decided to not put up our Snow Village this year. There were years and years that we didn't put it up becuase we had so many little hands. I do love them-especially all of my hotels and lodges. This year, I did put one of my churches up in the kitchen.
  • I actually got a few Snow Village pieces out so I could pick which church I liked better. Then I remembered that I just had one church-Nonna is the one with all of the churches. I am just not sure where all of my Snow Village and where all of Nonna's Snow Village is going to fit in my tiny house!
  • Robby, Campbell and I left to run a few errands this afternoon. We went to Walmart and looked all around and only left buying 3 things-one was a Black Friday special, one was something Campbell needed and the other was on the clearance shelf. We were living it up!
  • Really, we were because then we went to eat at On the Border. I am still full from yesterday but did manage to squeeze down some salsa, chips and tortilla soup. 
  • From there we made a few stops including two Krogers and picking up Keaton from Grannymom and Grandpa's house. She had spent the night over there, helped with the Christmas tree and even helped shopped for her Christmas present. 
  • When we made it home, I pulled out the leftovers and fed the people who were hungry. I again worked on my puzzle and even helped Keaton and Whitman put up a tent. We watched some football and did lots of online Christmas shopping!

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