November 23, 2019

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  • Robby and I slept as long as we could this morning. When I did get up, I was able to mark a few things off of my list-pulling out school, the laundry, and finishing up getting my new ornaments ready.
  • It was amost 11 when we fially started on our main task of the day-getting the tree out. I will say that we have consolidated a lot of boxes and things are fairly neat, yet we still have so much stuff. That might be because I do have 2 new trees this year which make a total of 3 old trees left in the attic.
  • Those trees are left in the attic any longer-Robby took care of them this afternoon after we were sure that all of our other trees worked. We put up our tree in the living room, plus another smaller tree in the living room along with the tree in the girls room. I still have the tree in the boys room plus the kitchen which will wait until after Thanksgiving. I might wait on my Snow Village until after Thanksgiving as well. 
  • Shannon came over to help me do my burlap around the big tree. She made it look perfect. When we were finished, I decided that I wanted some on the other living room tree as well. We didn't have enough leftover. Robby even went to look at Hobby Lobby tonight but couldn't find any so the decorations on that tree will have to wait until Monday at least.
  • I put as many ornaments on my tree as I could today. The only one who seemed interested in helping with this was Whitman, and he just really wants to put the monorail up around the tree. That will be tomorrow as well. 
  • Graham had a birthday party tonight. When he and Robby left, I noticed that they had left the gift (at 20 dollar bill) at home in the mudroom. I wrote Robby and told them that we could bring it when we picked him up. They didn't need that-they MacGyvered a gift-zip lock bag, piece of paper and another 20 dollar bill. 
  • This evening everyone had their showers, and we turned on the Hogs game. Keaton's comment during the ballgame tonight right after an LSU touchdown was, "we should have just turned it off because we know that we are going to lose." She didn't stick around long enough to see the ending so she may not even know the final outcome.

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