November 4, 2019-Disney Trip Day 7

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Robby woke up around 4:30 this morning, but thankfully he didn’t get out of bed until 5:30. He left to go and take a shower since he didn’t want to be rushed this morning. I woke up when he got out of bed because I must have been just as excited as he was to head to Magic Kingdom for our first official day.

The kids started stirring just as soon as we started making noise this morning-even Reagan woke up on her own. As soon as everyone was ready, we started passing out breakfast. Graham had a bagel, Reagan and Whitman had their cereal, Campbell and Keaton had poptarts and Anderson had a pancake on a stick. 

We were the first camper stirring outside, but as soon as we arrived at the boat dock, everyone else was right behind us. We were told that the boat to Magic Kingdom wouldn’t begin until 30 minutes before the park opened. So we planned on floating to another stop, however, the boat that was there was for Magic Kingdom-couldn’t have been any perfect-er.

We beat the crowds by quite a bit this morning. We were near the front of the line for Space Mountain. We were with Whitman, and he again loved the ride. We didn’t have to wait long there so we jumped on Buzz Lightyear before the crowds got too thick.

After Buzz, we caught up with everyone else. So everyone went to ride the Tomorrowland Speedway. I drove with Whitman and everytime I would have to take my foot off the gas, he would bang his head on the steering wheel. He wasn’t too pleased with this, but still enjoyed driving, and he will need lots of practice before I’ll ever ride with him anywhere.

From the speedway, we had to head across the park for our first FastPass of the day-Splash Mountain. We were a bit warm by then and needed some refreshment so we stopped for some water. Then breezing through the fast pass line did cool us off as well, but not as much as getting wetter than Saturday on the ride. We weren’t bathtub wet, but still wet. 

The next Fastpass was Jungle Cruise. We rode it with half of the Craft family. We were pretty squeezed in, but the ride was still fun because it had been changed to the Jingle Cruise because Christmas holiday celebrations are in full swing around here.

We were here on Saturday and there were a few hints of fall still left. However, today the huge Christmas tree was up along with garland and beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere. The Jingle Cruise was pretty decorated as well. I do think that the jokes are better when it is not Christmas-y.

After the cruise, we were hungry. So it was time to use some “Dennie Snack Credits.” Reagan, Anderson and Graham all had Dole Whip. Keaton had a Mickey pretzel, Campbell picked out a Lemonade Slush. Whitman chose popcorn-we were planning on buying a popcorn bucket anyway and just refilling it for 2 dollars at a time, so him choosing that snack worked out well. 

Our next stop was Mickey’s Philharmagic. All of my people always enjoy 3D movies-Campbell kept trying to grab the things floating through the air towards us. After the show, it was time for our lunch-all we do is eat!

Robby is carrying the ice chest backpack so he passed out lunchables for the kids, cheese, meat and crackers for us along with pouring some drinks for everyone out of a 1 liter-once again, doing lunch at Disney right. Ha! This lunch cost us less than 10 dollars!

We had our third FastPass at Thunder Mountain after lunch. We fought the crowds to get over there and rode the ride. Gracious, I am not sure why so many people are here right now-don’t these people have to go to school or work? It is pretty crazy. After riding rides all summer at Silver Dollar City, my kids don’t want to wait in any line over 30 minutes-we might be just a bit spoiled.

After Thunder, we napped at The Hall of Presidents. I mean we watched it-well, Graham, Campbell and I didn’t see much of it. I had to physically wake Graham up at the end. Robby even took my picture snoozing a way during the show. However, after ou rnap, we were ready to go again and headed off to Small World. 

The Crafts had waited in the real line and ended up in a boat right near ours after we zoomed through the line with our fast passes. Small World is always interesting-full of plenty of things to see. After the ride, we walked down through super crowded Main Street back to the boat. The boat was right there waiting for us so it was again perfect transportation.

Back at the camper, we vegged for a few minutes-Anderson did some of his Legos that he got in his goody bag from yesterday and Whitman worked a puzzle also from yesterday. Robby and I worked on our computers, but soon everyone was changed into the swim suits.

We golf carted over to the swimming pool. It is a pretty big swimming pool area with a nice slide. Robby bought a drink cup which we refilled a few times. While the kids swam in the misty rain, we huddled under an umbrella with our computers in our lap. Soon the rain stopped. We ended up swimming for about an hour and a half before heading back to our camper. 

The original plan was to just swim for an hour but the friends showed up so we stayed longer than planned. Once back at the camper, we went to work-Robby heated up our supper which was chili while I worked inside getting the rest of supper out (finding things in the fridge is a challenge) plus I straightened this place a bit (though I need to sweep.)

We ate outside before loading up on the golf carts to head to the boat back to Magic Kingdom. The Crafts were already there and the Heltz missed the boat by a bit. When we approached the castle, it was incredibly beautiful-the castle looks like Elsa’s castle would look. Everything was lit up, and it was just beautiful. You could hear Christmas music playing in the background-makes me want to set up our trees when we get home.

Our first ride tonight was Haunted Mansion. Whitman grabbed on to me like he was terrified, but it didn’t really bother him at all. Then we met up with the Heltz and rode the Mermaid ride together. Then it was another turn on the Tomorrowland Speedway. 

After the speedway, we had time to pick one last ride-Space Mountain was chosen. We hustled over there and almost walked on the left side. We had heard that the sides were different and indeed I do think that they are. The left side did seem very more thrilling. That isn’t my favorite ride to ride with little people-I don’t like not sitting beside them. How can you know if they fall out? I always put my hand on Whitman or turn around to see him on that ride.

We finished the ride and walked out as the fireworks were playing. It was just magical. We stood and watched them for a second and then off we went. We went this way and that way through the crowds headed out of the park. I carried Whitman some so he could see those fireworks shoot off. 

My big boys joked that they never get to see fireworks at Disney-and indeed they do not, especially when we are at Magic Kingdom. We did see them from the campground last night, but that is not nearly the same. 

We were able to make it on our boat as the last fireworks went off, if we had stuck around to see the fireworks, we probably would still be trying to catch the boat back tonight. From the boat, we were able to see the Electrical Light Parade that we wanted to see last night which worked out well.

Then it was on to the campground. We already had our clothes and soaps bagged and ready to go. I may have to build campground bathrooms at our house-man, it sure does save time. No one has even taken an shower in this camper yet-maybe tomorrow. I do love a shower in the morning, and I don’t plan to get up early enough to mosey down the road for a shower.

The kids had cookies while Robby put the clothes in the washing machine. We took lunch orders and worked on their trading pins before brushing teeth. It was a fairly long day...and I still have laundry to fold!

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