Christmas Ornament Countdown 2019: Merry Christmas

Visiting Mackinac Island had been on my bucket list for years and years. We were so close last year, but just couldn't quite fit it in. So this year, when we were able to return to the same area, we made it a priority to visis Mackinac. It did not disappoint-so much so that it is back on my list for a return visit when hopefully we can stay longer and have a bit warmer weather. This will be the ornament that I look out for years and years to come and smile remembering our day on the island. It was such a wonderful time. Click here to see pictures from that day.

Even with the addition of one more Chirstmas tree in the house this year, I have quickly realized that I have enough travel Christmas ornaments for three or four families. I have two options-to stop traveling or buy more Christmas trees. Seriously, I might have to slow down on my ornament shopping.

I hope that you have enjoyed my little ornament countdown. I have certainly enjoyed strolling down memory lane with you. The Dennies wish you and your family and very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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