Decmeber 26, 2019

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  • Well, we weren't as productive today as I had hoped, but we did accomplish a few things. Our productivity could possibly have been increased if we wouldn't have stayed in bed until almost 10. I could get used to this holiday living!
  • As Campbell and Keaton were getting ready this morning, I worked on some of my spices-adding a few more to the fridge. When they were ready, we headed off in two cars.
  • Our first stop was the drop off my car at Kroger. Then I ran into return one thing at a store. Our next stop was Kohls. We had 5 free dollars to spend there. It took us a while to find something, but I did finally find a pair of jeans for my birthday.
  • Next up was a walk through Target. I found two plates to match two that I have at home. I also found one item for next year's stocking. Walmart was next, and there were a few more things that we found there. Mostly we filled the buggy up with food items that were on clearance, but I did also find a few little things for next year. Campbell and Keaton were thrilled that we let them buy some make up that was on clearance.
  • Then a quick walk around Sams where Robby picked up a blanket. Tacos for Life was our lunch. Kroger was next for another quick browse through the Christmas stuff. It was so cold in there that I couldn't stay long. Then we filled up the cars with gas, and Robby went to get Starbucks for Graham and Reagan.
  • When I came home, Whitman and Reagan were outside playing soccer. She was really working with him. I later learned that they had eaten their lunch outside together. I let them play and worked in the house while I waited on Robby to return with his trunk load of goodies.
  • We unloaded while the kids all played outside. It has been beautiful weather. Robby and I started to work on the bonus room Lego nook. We built two tall shelves and replaced two smaller shelves. Anderson still has to put the Legos back on the shelves, but hopefully this will give him some more room. Either way, it looks so, so much better, but anytime you make things neat they look better.
  • We hurried and finished just as the Wilson's headed our way. Robby made waffles which we all devoured. The kids played Blokus and Cribbage. Shannon and I had to help figure out how to play Cribbage with them, so we ended up playing a game of it ourselves after eating some ice cream.
  • Once the kids were in bed tonight, Robby and I took the ornaments off of the trees, took the trees down and moved all of the Chrirstmas stuff in the kitchen. We just have to put all of that stuff in boxes and in the attic tomorrow along with finding a spot for my Christmas dishes (my main goal maybe another Walmart run, you never know what you may find.)

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