Christmas Ornament Countdown 2019: 19 Days until Christmas

This ornament is a bit confusing to me. The reason that it is confusing is becuase I don't really know when we bought it. It was packaged with all of my new ornaments that I have bought this year. However, I can't find where we have eaten at Hurts Donuts any this year. We have been to Branson seven times this year, but apparently not Hurts.

I find all of this kind of funny because I just read an article about a few Hurts Donuts closing. I do sure hope that our Branson Hurts doesn't close anytime soon. It is a place that we don't get to very often, but we do think is kind of fun.

After a bit of research, I have decided that we bought this ornament on Christmas Eve in Branson last year. So this is its first year on the tree, but it is not officially a 2019 ornament. Here is the link to the blog from that day.

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