Christmas Ornament Countdown 2019: 24 Days until Christmas

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas so it is also time to start my 8th year to count down on Christmas ornaments. This year I have enough ornaments bought this year to showcase a new one each day on our countdown to Christmas-25 this year. Maybe we should stay at home more or I should buy a few more trees. Many of you aren't surprised, but I do have a spread sheet of my ornaments, and the grand total of travel ornaments is 296. We still have one quick trip to make this year, but I do not plan on adding any to the collection.

This year has been the year of doubles-two trips to Michigan, two trips to Florida (the second is still coming up), 7 trips to Branson (the eight is in a few weeks), plus a week at the College World Series for the boys. It has been a pretty busy year-almost 2 months of travel.

In June we went on the Dennie family trip to Northwest Arkansas. We did lots of things and had lots of fun, but I am pretty sure that my kids would say that there favorite stop was at the Daisy BB Gun Museum.

There wasn't a lot too the museum, but the gift shop was actually their favorite. The prices were pretty good plus their daddy was in a generous mood. We left with 3 new BB guns-even a pink one. For weeks afterwards, people were outside shooting at milk jugs and tin cans. Here is the blog post from that day.

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